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News & Events

  • In Memoriam: Lucy Wilson Benson
    All of us at LWVMA were saddened to learn of the recent passing of Lucy Wilson Benson. Lucy was President of LWVMA from 1961 to 1965 and before that, she was President of the League…
  • Voting Rights Advocates Applaud Progress on Comprehensive Voting Bill
    Boston, MA –Voting rights advocates, public interest groups and a network of state and localorganizations praised the decision Monday by the Massachusetts Legislature’s Joint Committeeon Elections Laws to send the VOTES Act to the Senate…
  • VOTES Act Receives Widespread Support at Public Hearing
    Voting rights advocates including LWVMA and our partners in the Election Modernization Coalition testified in support of An Act Fostering Voter Opportunities Trust, Equity, and Security (VOTES Act) at today’s Joint Committee on Election Laws…
  • Recent LWVMA Climate Events
    LWVMA hosted two events last month related to climate and energy. Watch the recorded events to learn more about regional and statewide climate policy and how we as advocates can make a difference: The Transportation…

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What You Need to Know Now

  • August News for Members
    LWVMA’s New Program Series: Meet with a Specialist Beginning in August, LWVMA’s Legislative Action Committee will host a series of “Meet with a Specialist” events where you can meet and talk with the dedicated League volunteers who are making things happen…
  • August News for League Leaders
    Convention 2021 The 2021 LWVMA Convention “Expanding the Table: Making Democracy Work for Everyone” was held Saturday, June 26 on Zoom. Convention brings local League delegates together to hear distinguished speakers, approve program for the…

Action Priorities

  • Improving Elections
    ✓ Election Day registration
    ✓ Ranked choice voting
    ✓ Expanded early voting
    ✓ Stronger election audits
    ✓ Campaign finance reform
  • Equality and Justice
    ✓ Racial justice
    ✓ Criminal justice reform
    ✓ Immigration and safe communities
    ✓ Meeting basic human needs
    ✓ Women’s reproductive rights
  • Informed Voters and Civics Education
    ✓ Vote411 online voter guide
    ✓ Student video contest
    ✓ Civics education in schools
    ✓ Lotte Scharfman Citizen Education Grants
    ✓ Educational forums and webinars
  • Climate Change and the Environment
    ✓ Climate Emergency Resolution
    ✓ 100% Renewable Energy Roadmap
    ✓ Protect natural resources
    ✓ Climate Change Toolkit
  • Government for the Common Good
    ✓ Education funding reform
    ✓ Affordable housing
    ✓ Transportation
    ✓ Gun safety
    ✓ Single-payer healthcare
    ✓ Protecting children and families

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Calendar of Events

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