LWV of Massachusetts Video Content Announcement

The contest is now over.  Thank you for your amazing videos!  Check back here on May 10 for our winners.


News & Events

April 2016 Awards to Four Local Leagues

Congratulations to the four Leagues awarded Daniel Scharfman Citizen Education Grants. The total … More

LWVMA Council April 30 At Clark University in Worcester

The 2016 LWVMA Council “Massachusetts Voter Engagement (MOVE) 2016:  Join the Movement!” will be … More

LWV Takes Strong Stance on Money in Politics

The League of Women Voters has strengthened its stand on the damaging role of big money in political … More

Mother’s Day 2016: Honor a Special Woman and Support the League!

For a $25 donation, we will send a card to a special woman in your life, wishing her a Happy … More

LWVMA Salutes Boston City Council Decision on Flame Retardants

The Boston City Council voted March 23 to amend the city's Fire Prevention Code, allowing hospitals, … More

Day on the Hill Panel Urges Personal Activism

Legislators respond to personal approaches from their constituents, the three panelists at Day on … More

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Action Priorities

Improving Elections and Voter Turnout

✓Early Voting Challenge
✓Election Reform
✓Voter Education and Mobilization


Civic Education and Engagement

✓Civic Education in Schools
✓Daniel Scharfman Citizen Education Grants
✓Civic Engagement
✓Educational Forums


Money in Politics

✓Campaign Finance Reform
✓Money in Politics Toolkit
✓LWVUS Study of Campaign Financing


Climate Change and the Environment

✓Carbon Pricing
✓Recycling and Reuse
✓Environmental Protection
✓Climate Change Toolkit


Addressing Income Inequality

✓Pay Equity and Earned Income Tax Credit
✓Meeting Basic Human Needs
✓Impact of Inequality on Political Participation
✓Reforming the Criminal Justice System