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  • Request a Mail Ballot Online
    Massachusetts voters can now request a vote-by-mail ballot online.  The new mail-in ballot application system is available at See the Election Modernization Coalition’s full statement here. Registered voters can request a mail-in ballot online, and…
  • 2020 Ballot Questions: Right to Repair and Ranked Choice Voting
    Two ballot questions will be on the statewide ballot Nov. 3. LWVMA has taken no position on Question 1, the “Right to Repair” law. We are supporting a YES vote on Question 2, Ranked Choice…
  • Primary Turnout Shattered Records!
    Despite the pandemic, Massachusetts voters shattered turnout records in the statewide primary – thanks to an emergency law championed by the Election Modernization Coalition and passed by the state Legislature earlier this summer. As of…
  • Conference Committee on Climate Poised to Advance Strong Climate Bill
    With accelerated climate change bearing down hard across the globe, there is no time to waste. The Massachusetts legislature is in an extended session to continue its work on critical climate change bills to ensure…

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What You Need to Know Now

  • September News for Members
    Voter Education Webinar Sept. 30 LWVMA is co-sponsoring Who Represents You?, the second part of a voter education webinar series hosted by the Brockton Area Branch of the NAACP and the Lambda Kappa Sigma chapter…
  • September News for League Leaders
    Save the Date: League Leader Lunch Oct. 17 Mark your calendars–the annual LWVMA League Leaders Luncheon will be Saturday, Oct. 17. Only it’s not a luncheon and you don’t need to carpool! As with most…

Action Priorities

  • Improving Elections
    ✓Election Day registration
    ✓ Ranked choice voting
    ✓ Expanded early voting
    ✓ Stronger election audits
    ✓Campaign finance reform
  • Equality and Justice
    ✓Criminal justice reform
    ✓Immigration and safe communities
    ✓Meeting basic human needs
    ✓Women’s reproductive rights
  • Informed Voters and Civics Education
    ✓Vote411 online voter guide
    ✓Student video contest
    ✓Civics education in schools
    ✓Lotte Scharfman Citizen Education Grants
    ✓Educational forums and webinars
  • Climate Change and the Environment
    ✓Climate Emergency Resolution
    ✓100% Renewable Energy Roadmap
    ✓Protect natural resources
    ✓Climate Change Toolkit
  • Government for the Common Good
    ✓Education funding reform
    ✓Affordable housing
    ✓Gun safety
    ✓Single-payer healthcare
    ✓Protecting children and families

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