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What You Need to Know Now

  • October News for Members
    Save the Date–December Virtual Gala LWVMA will celebrate its 100th birthday virtually on Sunday, Dec. 13, at 1 pm. We are pleased to welcome Danielle Allen, James Bryant Conant University Professor at Harvard, as our featured…
  • October News for League Leaders
    Help LWVMA recognize a  remarkable person from your League at the upcoming 100th Virtual Birthday Gala  LWVMA is asking our local Leagues to submit 1 person from their League to be recognized at the 100th…

Action Priorities

  • Improving Elections
    ✓Election Day registration
    ✓ Ranked choice voting
    ✓ Expanded early voting
    ✓ Stronger election audits
    ✓Campaign finance reform
  • Equality and Justice
    ✓Racial justice
    ✓Criminal justice reform
    ✓Immigration and safe communities
    ✓Meeting basic human needs
    ✓Women’s reproductive rights
  • Informed Voters and Civics Education
    ✓Vote411 online voter guide
    ✓Student video contest
    ✓Civics education in schools
    ✓Lotte Scharfman Citizen Education Grants
    ✓Educational forums and webinars
  • Climate Change and the Environment
    ✓Climate Emergency Resolution
    ✓100% Renewable Energy Roadmap
    ✓Protect natural resources
    ✓Climate Change Toolkit
  • Government for the Common Good
    ✓Education funding reform
    ✓Affordable housing
    ✓Gun safety
    ✓Single-payer healthcare
    ✓Protecting children and families

Voter Tools

Online Voter Registration System

Calendar of Events

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