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  • LWVMA Urges Governor to Reduce MA Prison Population
    Yesterday, we sent a letter to Governor Baker urging him to use his authority to reduce the Massachusetts prison population in light of the surge of COVID-19 cases in these institutions. Keeping people in custody…
  • Transportation Events in November a Success! (Recordings Now Available)
    This month, LWVMA participated in two forums with Transportation for Massachusetts. The first event, a Transportation & Climate Initiative forum held on November 10, focused on clean transportation for rural communities. It featured Secretary for…
  • Massachusetts Elections Were a Success!
    Voters in Massachusetts set a record for the highest turnout election cycle in history this year! As of today’s count, approximately 3.46 million individuals (72% of registered voters) voted in the November 3 election.  Approximately…
  • October 2020 Scharfman Grants Awarded to Four Local Leagues
    Four local Leagues received Lotte E. Scharfman Citizen Education grants in October 2020: LWV Greater Haverhill: LWVGH has been attending Naturalization Ceremonies in Lowell since 2016. They were awarded a grant to purchase miniature flags to…

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What You Need to Know Now

  • November News for Members
    2020 Election and Post-Election The League has an important role to play before, during, and after the election to ensure the public has accurate information, to monitor how the election is being conducted and how…
  • November News for League Leaders
    Fall Appeal & Phonathon: Help Raise $100K for 100 Years! Please help raise $100,000 for our 100th year by participating in this year’s LWVMA fall appeal and Phonathon. By having your local League make calls during…

Action Priorities

  • Improving Elections
    ✓Election Day registration
    ✓ Ranked choice voting
    ✓ Expanded early voting
    ✓ Stronger election audits
    ✓Campaign finance reform
  • Equality and Justice
    ✓Racial justice
    ✓Criminal justice reform
    ✓Immigration and safe communities
    ✓Meeting basic human needs
    ✓Women’s reproductive rights
  • Informed Voters and Civics Education
    ✓Vote411 online voter guide
    ✓Student video contest
    ✓Civics education in schools
    ✓Lotte Scharfman Citizen Education Grants
    ✓Educational forums and webinars
  • Climate Change and the Environment
    ✓Climate Emergency Resolution
    ✓100% Renewable Energy Roadmap
    ✓Protect natural resources
    ✓Climate Change Toolkit
  • Government for the Common Good
    ✓Education funding reform
    ✓Affordable housing
    ✓Gun safety
    ✓Single-payer healthcare
    ✓Protecting children and families

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