2015 Convention Workshop Materials

Smart Growth 101

Smart Growth & Placemaking 101

Not a Spectator Sport: How Local Leagues Can Encourage Citizens to Run For Office

Leagues Encouraging Citizens to Run for Town Office

Service and Action Civics for Youth: Current Local League Efforts

Announcement of New Grant Initiative To Support Action Civics For High School and Middle School Students

We Updated the Election Laws! Now What?

We updated the Election Laws! Now What?

Hosting a Civics Bee in Your Community Can Be Fun

Civics Bee Report for Convention 2015
Civics Bee Summary for Convention 2015

Resetting the Balance of Influence after Citizens United and McCutcheon

Campaign Finance Study Convention CFSC Workshop
The State of Democracy in the United States: State Legislation
Action in the States
Sites To Help You Follow The Money
Sites To Help You Connect

Putting a Price on Carbon Pollution

Price on Carbon: Putting the Market to Work
Moving To a Clean Energy Future For Massachusetts

Election 2016: LWV on the Forefront

Election 2016: LWVMA at the Forefront
The Joy of Voting
LWV Voter Service Resources

Creating a Facebook Page for Your League

Create and Maintain a League Facebook Page