Let’s make democracy work for everyone!  It’s not an easy task, but the League of Women Voters of Massachusetts is hard at work making this goal a reality.

Leading up to the deeply polarizing election of 2016, LWVMA helped you cut through the divisive rhetoric and misleading clutter by providing unbiased, easy-to-use election information.

And, working to protect your community, the environment, and democracy,  we scored several major victories in the just-ended state legislative session.

As we prepare to take on the challenges and opportunities of 2017, the League’s work is more vital and urgent than ever.  And we need your support.

Please donate and ensure that the League continues to be Massachusetts’ most trusted source of nonpartisan election information AND continues to advocate for a more transparent and responsive government, fight for fairer and more accessible elections, oppose the pernicious effect of dark money on our political system, and work to protect our environment.

This past year, our MOVE 2016 voter education and engagement campaign successfully:

  • Provided 40,000 voters across the Commonwealth with in-depth, nonpartisan information about candidates and issues through VOTE411;
  • Encouraged robust implementation of early voting in over 200 Massachusetts cities and towns through the Early Voting Challenge;
  • Ensured that elections in our state would be fair, free, and accessible through Election Protection;
  • Educated citizens about key changes to our state election laws through our online and print educational materials;
  • Engaged young adults in the electoral process through our “YOUth Should Vote!” statewide video contest; and
  • Expanded civic education to our youngest citizens through our “League Choice Books” program.

We also helped pass a bill improving access to public records, a strong pay equity bill, and an energy diversity bill that increases the state’s reliance on renewable energy sources.

Please GIVE TODAY to support our vital work–in 2017, the League will matter more than ever!