Convention approved four action priorities and five action items for the next two years. The action priorities are listed on our website and define the area we will focus on. The action items are specific projects we plan to accomplish. While these priorities and items are our focus, they do not preclude action in other areas.

Action Priorities:

  • Improving Elections and Campaign Finance Reform
  • Equality and Justice
  • Civics Education and Civil Discourse
  • Climate Change and the Environment
  • Action Items:
  • LWVMA will support legislation and efforts to enact Election Day registration, automatic voter registration, revise voter registration deadlines, and expand early voting.
  • LWVMA will develop an action plan to encourage civil discourse, to encourage civic education at the state and local levels, and to encourage an accurately-informed electorate.
  • LWVMA will advocate for legislation to improve women’s economic security and reproductive rights.
  • LWVMA will support a steering committee to work with local Leagues to hold community or regional forums on the impact of climate change, energy and the environment.
  • LWVMA will advocate for criminal justice reforms, including repeal of mandatory minimum sentences.