2023-2024 Action Alerts

Action Alerts keep you updated on issues you care about! They are sent to all members.

May 14, 2024: ACTION ALERT: FY25 Senate Budget Amendments

April 17, 2024: Action Alert: House Budget Amendment Support

April 12, 2024: Action Alert: Contact your state representative today to support sealing eviction records 

March 11, 2024: Action Alert: Keep Remote Access to Public Meetings

March 7, 2024: Action Alert: Ban Firearms at Polling Stations

March 5, 2024: Action Alert: Act today to bring Sex Education Bill for a House Vote

January 29, 2024: Senate Firearms Vote Thursday

January 9, 2024: Contact your state representative today to expand domestic violence protections

October 16, 2023: Action Alert: HD4607, An Act Modernizing Firearm Laws

September 20, 2023: Act TODAY to Support Civics Education

August 7, 2023: Action Alert: Health Curriculum public comment

July 18, 2023: Act TODAY to Support Comprehensive Gun Reform

June 13, 2023: Act today to protect climate programs in the US Farm Bill 2023

May 16, 2023: Act TODAY to support civics education

May 4th 2023: Act Today to Restore Felon Voting Rights

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