Our Team

LWVMA Board of Directors 2019-2021

Mary Ann Ashton

Co-President | mashton@lwvma.org | Local League: Acton Area

Mary Ann Ashton has served on the LWVMA Board and as a Trustee of the Lotte E. Scharfman Fund for the last four years.  Before becoming Co-President in 2017, she served as Voter Services chair where she worked with staff on statewide implementation of an electronic voter guide. Read more…

Judy Zaunbrecher

Co-President | jzaunbrecher@lwvma.org | Local League: Concord

Judy has been a member of the League of Women Voters of Concord-Carlisle since 2015 and serves on its Board and as the Voter Service Chair. She has been a LWVMA Board member since 2017, currently serving as LWVMA Voter Service Co-Chair as well as Co-Chair of the LWVMA 100th Anniversary Committee. Read more…

Kathy Leonardson

1st Vice President | kleonardson@lwvma.org | Local League: Marblehead

Kathy has been a member of the Marblehead League of Women Voters since 1995, serving as co-president, newsletter editor, publicity chair, and on voter service. At the state League level, she was co-chair of the Fiscal Policy Update Study (2005-08) and a member of the State Study Committee on Special Education (1998-2000). Kathy served on the Town of Marblehead’s 350th Anniversary Committee (1998-99), Finance Committee (2005-10), and School Committee (2010-2016), as Chair (2013-16). Read more…

Leanore (Lee) Bona

2nd Vice President | lbona@lwvma.org | Local League: Worcester

Lee currently serves as Second V.P. on the LWVMA Board, a trustee of the Lotte E. Scharfman Fund, a member of the Budget and Finance Committees, and on the State Nominating Committee (past Chair). She strongly supports local leadership and program development and enjoys reporting for the Board at Field Service and League Leader meetings. She sees the State’s task as moving us forward together into our second century – visible, viable and relevant. Read more…

Andrea Kozinetz

Treasurer | akozinetz@lwvma.org | Local League: Newton

Andrea Kozinetz is completing six years as the LWVMA and LESF treasurer (2013-2019).  She is a long time Board member of the League of Women Voters of Newton and is currently LWVN’s treasurer. She was appointed to the LWVMA Board and as a LESF trustee in 2012 and has been a member of the state League’s budget, development, finance, governance and nominating committees.  Read more…

Kate Boland

Director | kboland@lwvma.org | Local League: Hingham

Kate Boland joined the League of Women Voters of Hingham in 2006. Her involvement in her League has allowed her to contribute to the LWVH Open Town Meeting Study, Plymouth County Charter Study, hold positions on the Green Committee, and act as the League liaison to the town’s schools. Kate was LWVH President/Chair for six years and Membership Chair for eight. Read more…

Nancy Brumback

Director | nbrumback@lwvma.org | Local League: Sudbury

Nancy Brumback was first elected an LWVMA Director in 2011.  She is currently Co-Chair for Program and Action and she chairs the Legislative Action Committee, overseeing LWVMA’s activity at the State House. Nancy edits the three LWVMA newsletters to members and has served on numerous League committees. Read more…

Hartell Johnson

Director | hjohnson@lwvma.org | Local League: Greater Haverhill

Hartell Johnson is a former Vice President and current member of the League of Women Voters, Greater Haverhill.   She has over 25 years of Technical Support and 15 years of community engagement experience. Hartell was a 2017 Haverhill City Council candidate advocating for better educational opportunities for students, improved economic development in Haverhill and for a safer community. Read more…

Elizabeth Foster-Nolan

Director | efosternolan@lwvma.org | Member-at-Large

Elizabeth joined the Weymouth LWV in 2010 and became a Member-at-Large when Weymouth disbanded.  She trained as a moderator for local and Congressional candidate nights because of her interest in providing clear unbiased information for voters. .  Elizabeth believes an informed voter will be an active participant in government and is a key to transparency and increased voter participation. Read more…

Tanya Roy

Director | troy@lwvma.org | Local League: Wellesley

Tanya Roy is involved with LWVMA as a Legislative Specialist and is a board member and Legislative Envoy for LWV of Wellesley.   She also serves on the board of the Fund for Wellesley and tutors through the Wellesley ESL program. Tanya has extensive experience in investment management, based on a thirty year career with Fidelity Investments. Read more…

Amy Smith

Director | asmith@lwvma.org | Local League: Topsfield-Boxford-Middleton

Amy Smith joined the League of Women Voters of Topsfield/Boxford/Middleton in 2015, and serves on the Board of Directors.  She manages social media and the website for the TBM League. She is a member of the LWVMA Legislative Envoy program, the LWVMA Membership and Environmental Steering committees, and is a Field Service representative for the Merrimack Valley/North Shore region. Read more…


Patricia Comfort

Executive Director| pcomfort@lwvma.org

Pattye joined LWVMA in November of 2019. She comes to LWVMA after seven years as Executive Director of the Women’s Bar Association and the Women’s Bar Foundation of Massachusetts. Pattye began her legal career as in-house counsel to the National Association of State Public Interest Research Groups (PIRGs) where, among other things, she was responsible for maintaining First Amendment access for the PIRGs political canvassers throughout the U.S. She also worked at the Massachusetts Legal Assistance Corporation as the Director of the Equal Justice Coalition, building support among the private bar for access to justice through increased funding for civil legal aid programs in Massachusetts. She is an experienced community organizer having worked with tenants in Boston’s public housing developments as well as with low-income tenants in Lowell. Pattye is a graduate of Boston College and Northeastern University School of Law.

Brynne Gorman

Membership and Community Engagement Manager | bgorman@lwvma.org

Brynne Gorman joined LWVMA in April of 2014. Prior to joining LWVMA Brynne served in Data Governance at Covidien. Previously, Brynne managed the office of Business Network International and interned on a congressional campaign in the 2012 election. Brynne holds a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth.

Taylor Grenga

Administrative and Program Associate | tgrenga@lwvma.org

Taylor Grenga joined LWVMA in June of 2018. Prior to joining LWVMA, she attended Northeastern University and held internship positions at Planned Parenthood, Health Care For All, the Harvard Prison Legal Assistance Project, and WilmerHale. Taylor holds a B.S. in Political Science.

Martha Maguire

Bookkeeper | mmaguire@lwvma.org

LWVMA Legislative Specialists

Legislative Action Chair | Nancy Brumback
Affordable Housing, Basic Human Needs| Clare Gordon
Agriculture, Casino Gambling | Louise Haldeman
Children and Family Issues | Palma McLaughlin
Criminal Justice and Courts | Colleen Kirby
Education (Finance) | Mary Frantz
Education (Higher Education) | Susan Loffredo
Education (Policy) | Karen Mazza
Elder Affairs | Pat Costello
Elections and Voting | Linda Freedman
Environment: Climate Change and Energy | Launa Zimmaro
Environment: Natural Resources |Loring Schwarz, Carolyn Lee
Fiscal Policy | June Michaels
Good Governance | Carolyn Lee
Gun Control | Jennifer Muroff, Sue McCalley
Health Care | Janice Goodell
Immigration | Jennifer Muroff
Transportation| Tanya Roy, Lois Levin
Water Resources | Carolyn Lee
Women’s Issues | Tracy Brown

To reach any of the legislative specialists, email specialists@lwvma.org