Our Team

LWVMA Board of Directors 2017-2019

Mary Ann Ashton

President and Development Committee Chair | mashton@lwvma.org | Local League: Acton Area

Mary Ann Ashton has been active in her Acton-Area League for the last 15 years, and most recently served as co-chair of the Steering Committee. In 2014, Mary Ann represented the League of Women Voters of Massachusetts as a member of the Massachusetts Special Advisory Commission…. Read more »


Marilyn Peterson

Marilyn Peterson1st Vice President and Governance Committee Chair | mpeterson@lwvma.org | Local League: Acton Area

Marilyn Peterson served as LWVMA co-president from 2013 to 2015 and previously served as LWVMA’s Director of Local League Services. During her 30+ years as a member, Marilyn has served her local League in numerous capacities, most recently as co-chair of the Acton Area LWV. Read more »


Leanore (Lee) Bona

2nd Vice President | lbona@lwvma.org | Local League: Worcester Area

Lee has an M.A. from New York University and worked as a Registrar at Columbia University before moving to Boston.  She made Worcester home in 1997 after graduating from the New England School of Law and joined the Worcester Area League of Women Voters in 1998.  Read more »


Andrea Kozinetz

AIK PhotoTreasurer and Finance Committee Chair | akozinetz@lwvma.org | Local League: Newton

Andrea Kozinetz has served on the LWVMA board and as a trustee of the League of Women Voters Lotte E. Scharfman Memorial Fund since 2012, and has been treasurer for both organizations since 2013. She chairs LWVMA’s Human Resources Committee…. Read more »


Kate Boland

Director and Membership Committee Chair | kboland@lwvma.org| Local League: Hingham

Kate Boland joined the League of Women Voters of Hingham in 2006. After the League completed its local Sustainability Study she became chair of the Green Committee in 2007…. Read more »



Nancy Brumback

Nancy BrumbackDirector Program and Action Co-Chair | nbrumback@lwvma.org | Local League: Sudbury

Nancy Brumback was first elected an LWVMA director in 2011 and, from 2013-15, served as 2nd vice president, overseeing legislation and program planning and chairing the Legislative Action Committee.  She has served on the nominating, communications, website development, online voters’ guide and bottle bill committees. Read more »


Kristen (Kris) Eastman

Director and Voter Service Committee Co-Chair | keastman@lwvma.org | Local League: Marion-Mattapoisett-Rochester

Kris has been a member of Marion-Mattapoisett-Rochester League of Women Voters since 2006.  During that time she served on the Educational Grants Committee, was Programing Chair, and Voter Services Chair for Mattapoisett…  Read more »


Scotti Finnegan

Director | sfinnegan@lwvma.org | Local League: Cape Cod Area

Scotti Finnegan was born and raised in Pittsburgh PA. She became politically aware at eight years old watching the Kennedy-Nixon debates with her father. When she asked about the women moderating the debates her interest in the League of Women Voters was born. She attended Stonehill College in North Easton MA and became an elementary school teacher, an avocation more than a career.  Read more »


 Donna Hooper

Director and Ballot Question Study Co-Chair | dhooper@lwvma.org | Local League: Lexington

Donna Hooper is a recent member of the Lexington League and is newly retired from a 20-year career in municipal government (with an earlier career in state government).  Prior to her most recent 2 years as Lexington’s Chief Information Officer, Donna served for over 18 years as Lexington’s Town Clerk. Read more »


Karen Price

Director and Program and Action Co-Chair/Ballot Question Study Co-Chair | kprice@lwvma.org| Local League: Needham

Karen Price has served as President of the League of Women Voters of Needham for the past five years. During that time the Needham League, thanks to the efforts of a great board and engaged members, expanded its membership, formed a 501c(3) education fund, and enhanced its visibility and programs.  Read more »


Judy Zaunbrecher

Director and Voter Service Committee Co-Chair | jzaunbrecher@lwvma.org | Local League: Concord-Carlisle

Judy Zaunbrecher joined the LWV of Concord-Carlisle in 2015.  She is currently Vice President and Voter Service Chair of LWVCC.  Judy also served on the LWVCC Nominating Committee in 2016Read more »



Meryl Kessler

Executive Director | mkessler@lwvma.org | Local League: Newton

Meryl Kessler joined LWVMA as Executive Director in November 2013, bringing over 20 years of experience as an attorney, non-profit leader, and educator, as well as a strong commitment to civic education and engagement. Read more »


Brynne Gorman

Membership and Community Engagement Manager | bgorman@lwvma.org

Brynne Gorman joined LWVMA in April of 2014. Read more »



Martha Maguire

Bookkeeper | mmaguire@lwvma.org

LWVMA Legislative Specialists

Legislative Action Chair | Nancy Brumback
Legislative Director | Carole Pelchat
Affordable Housing, Basic Human Needs| Clare Gordon
Agriculture, Casino Gambling | Louise Haldeman
Child Safety | Palma McLaughlin
Criminal Justice and Courts | Colleen Kirby
Education | Terry Yoffie
Elder Affairs | Pat Costello
Elections and Voting | Linda Freedman
Environment | Launa Zimmaro
Fiscal Policy | June Michaels
Good Governance, Water Resources | Carolyn Lee
Health Care | Janice Goodell
Immigration | Karen Price
Transportation| Lois Levin
Women’s Issues | Jessica Sullivan

To reach any of the legislative specialists, email specialists@lwvma.org.