Governor Baker has vetoed the Work and Family Mobility Act, H4805, which would  allow driver’s licenses for all, regardless of immigration status. See League testimony here. Given the super majority votes in both the House and Senate, proponents feel confident about overriding the Governor’s veto. It’s now up to the House and Senate to vote to override the veto before the end of the legislative session. Please ask your state representative and senator today to vote YES to override the veto. Here is a sample script for email, phone call, or voice mail message: 

“Hi my name is [NAME], and I am a resident of [CITY/TOWN] and a member of the League of Women Voters of [LEAGUE NAME]. I’m calling today to ask my [state representative/state senator] to vote YES for the Work and Family Mobility Act to override the governor’s veto. This bill promotes everyone’s safety, including law enforcement officials who need to know drivers’ identities and Massachusetts motorists who benefit when every driver is tested and insured. Many immigrants’ lives would be transformed by this bill, and everyone in the Commonwealth would have safer and more secure roads.” [Remember to include your complete name and street address if you communicate via email.]

Not sure who your legislator is? Find them here.

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