Action Alerts 2011-2012 Legislative Session

Action Alerts are developed by the Program and Action Committee and are sent from the LWVMA Office to all members when there is an action that requires a League-wide effort, such as a bill coming up for a vote, a rally, or other related information. Action Alerts generally encourage members of a specific action they can take.

2011-2012 Legislative Session

Date Sent Action Alert Bill# / Topic
11/29/2012    Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection Waste Ban Regulations
10/22/2012    Emergency Shelter Regulations
8/7/2012    Bottle Bill ‘Work Around’
7/23/2012    H890/S1650 – Updated Bottle Bill
7/19/2012    Current Legislation
6/28/2012    SB 304 – Massachusetts Disclose Act
6/21/2012    SB 772 – A Resolution to Restore Free Speech
6/20/2012    HB 4139 – Election Reform Bill
6/18/2012    SB 501/HB 338 and SB 500/HB 1228 – Pending Health Care Bills
5/15/2012     SB 2260 – An Act improving the quality of health care
5/1/2012    HB 1173/SB 413 -An Act Providing Equitable Coverage in Disability Insurance
4/26/2012    H890/S1650 – Updated Bottle Bill
3/15/2012    H890/S1650 – Updated Bottle Bill