Action Priorites

Additional Advocacy Areas

Gun Safety

LWVMA supports elimination of the private possession of handguns and assault weapons.  Until such time as a ban on the private possession of handguns and assault weapons becomes law the League supports improved and standardized licensing procedures; training in the use of handguns and assault weapons and the responsibilities of ownership; education of the public to the dangers of the handgun in the home; strict enforcement of the present laws concerning handgun ownership; measures to encourage the removal of all handguns and assault weapons from the home and street.  Click here for current legislation we are supporting.

Good Governance

LWVMA supports the protection of privacy rights from electronic intrusion and opposes Article V U.S. Constitutional Convention.


LWVMA supports a transportation system to move people and goods which includes a variety of transportation modes, with emphasis on increased public transportation services and other viable alternatives to reduce vehicle miles traveled; is efficient, convenient, and cost effective; is safe and secure; serves all segments of the population and diverse geographic needs; minimizes harmful effects on the environment; is integrated with land use; and is supported by extensive public education.  Please click here and scroll to “Environment – Climate Change and Energy.”