League Positions (LWVMA and LWVUS)


The positions that LWVMA supports are summarized in the document Where We Stand.

Where We Stand is the collection of the League of Women Voters of Massachusetts positions, with a brief history and summary of action taken under each position. This edition reflects the state program adopted through the 2013 Convention and includes updates of LWVMA action in each program area. The dates after each position refer to the years in which the positions were adopted. More details about the League process may be found in the background section of each program item.


Impact on Issues includes the official LWVUS statements of position for each program area, briefly traces significant past actions and achievements, and indicates links among positions. The LWVUS public policy positions reflect the program adopted by the most recent convention of the League of Women Voters of the United States. Impact on Issues is updated following each biennial convention.

View or download the PDF of the printed version of Impact on Issues 2014-2016.

View the on-line edition of Impact on Issues 2014-2016.

New LWVUS Positions from Convention 2016 (Do not yet appear in Impact on Issues)

All 5 positions
Considerations for Evaluating Constitutional Amendment Proposals
Constitutional Conventions under Article V of the U.S. Constitution
Money in Politics
Behavioral Health

Local League Action on State and National Issues

Local Leagues are encouraged to apply the positions from both documents to local or regional issues. It is the responsibility of the local League board to determine whether member understanding and agreement exist, and whether the action makes sense in terms of timing, need and effectiveness. Before taking action on regional issues a local League must consult with other Leagues that might be affected.

Local Leagues should consult with LWVMA or LWVUS, as appropriate, if they have questions about the applicability of positions to local or regional issues.