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League-Supported/Opposed Legislation 2023-2024

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Bills Followed by LWVMA in the 2023-2024 Legislative Session, listed by subject area

Bills are listed to date, with more being evaluated for support through May.

Affordable Housing, Lori Stewart, Lucy Kennedy

 Bill #TopicBill TitleLWVMA Action
H1690/S956Eviction Record SealingAn Act promoting housing opportunity and mobility through eviction sealing (HOMES)Support
H1731/S864Access to CounselAn Act promoting access to counsel and housing stability in MassachusettsSupport
H2747/S1771Real Estate Transfer Fee to benefit affordable housingAn Act granting a local option for a real estate transfer fee to fund affordable housingSupport
H145/S86Emergency family housing assistanceAn Act improving emergency housing assistance for children and families experiencing homelessnessSupport
H1351Codifying Mass Rental Voucher Program MVRPAn Act codifying the Mass. Rental Voucher ProgramSupport
H1295/S859Prohibiting exclusionary zoningAn Act promoting fair housing by preventing discrimination against affordable housingSupport
H2933Increase community preservation revenueAn Act to increase community preservation revenueSupport


Children and Family Issues, Palma McLaughlin

 Bill #TopicBill TitleLWVMA Action
H144/S75Lift Our KidsAn Act to lift kids out of deep povertySupport
H603/S261Universal school mealsAn Act relative to Universal School MealsSupport
H135/S76Basic needs assistance for immigrant residentsAn Act Establishing Basic Needs Assistance for Massachusetts Immigrant ResidentsSupport
H249/S146Domestic violence training for salon employeesAn Act to mandate domestic violence and sexual assault awareness education for aestheticians, barbers, cosmetologists, electrologists, hairdressers, manicurists, and massage therapists Support
S1077Adds coercive control to definition of domestic violenceAn Act improving protections relative to domestic violenceSupport

Criminal Legal System, Nancy Bettinger

Bill #TopicBill TitleLWVMA Action
H2325/S1493Holistic approach to ending solitary confinementAn Act related to rehabilitation, re-entry and human rights for incarcerated peopleSupport

Education policy K-12, Robin Chen

Bill #TopicBill TitleLWVMA Action


Affordable Early Education & Childcare

An Act Providing Affordable and Accessible High Quality Early Education and Care to Promote Child Development and Well-Being and Support the Economy in the Commonwealth (Common Start)



Ensures K-12 education includes accurate histories contributions of racial and ethnic groups

An Act to promote racially inclusive curriculum in schools


Elder Affairs, Pat Costello

Bill #TopicBill TitleLWVMA Action
H2738/S1827Tax deferrals for seniors and active duty militaryAn Act relative to taxes due upon the death of active duty personnel and the elderlySupport

Elections and Voting, Nancy Brumback, Nell Forgacs

Bill #TopicBill TitleLWVMA Action

Voting reforms including Same Day Registration

*Note that the four provisions of S.410 have been filed as separate bills in the House, below

An Act making voting administrative changes to create equitable systemic solutions (ACCESS Act)Support
H688Same-day voter RegistrationAn Act establishing same day registration of votersSupport
H656Uniform mail voting formsAn Act providing uniform mail voting formsSupport
Decouple municipal census from voting
An Act decoupling the municipal census from voter registrationSupport
H701Monitor polls for disability accessAn Act enforcing accessibility for voters with disabilitiesSupport
H726/S423Implement risk-limiting post-election auditsAn Act Protecting Elections using Risk-Limiting AuditsSupport
H3384Free public transit on Election DayAn Act to establish free access to ride to Support elections in Massachusetts (FARE Act)Support
H711/S433Ranked choice voting in municipal electionsAn Act providing a local option for ranked choice voting in municipal electionsSupport
HD3900Allow use of campaign funds for child careAn Act empowering parental participation in elected officeSupport
S422Allow use of campaign funds for child careAn Act supporting parents running for public officeSupport
S438Allow municipalities to lower voting age in municipal electionsAn Act ensuring municipal participation of the widest eligible rangeSupport
H.658Photo ID to voteAn Act requiring photo IDs to voteOppose
H.687Show ID to voteAn Act ensuring the election integrity through voter identificationOppose
H.720Photo ID to voteAn Act establishing identification at the voting pollsOppose

Environment—Climate Emergency, Launa Zimmaro

Bill #TopicBill TitleLWVMA Action

Environment—Natural Resources, Carolyn Lee

Bill #TopicBill TitleLWVMA Action
Water Resources – Drought policyAn Act relative to maintaining adequate water supplies through effective drought managementSupport
S476Water Resources – “Water Banking” trust fundAn Act improving municipal water infrastructureSupport
H805/S480Water resources – Flushable wipes labelingAn Act protecting water systems through the labeling of flushable wipesSupport
H845/S445Environmental Protection – pest managementAn Act providing for the public health by establishing an ecologically based mosquito management program in the CommonwealthSupport
H890/S508Environmental Protection – invasive speciesAn Act responding to the threat of invasive speciesSupport
H2197/S1356Environmental Protection – hazardous chemicals (PFAS)An Act to protect Massachusetts public health from PFASSupport
H2839/S418/S1940Environmental ProtectionAn Act increasing the conservation land tax credit (CLTC)Support

Good Governance, Carolyn Lee

Bill #Topic Bill TitleLWVMA Action

Privacy protection

An Act to implement the recommendations of the special commission on facial recognition technology



Privacy protection

An Act establishing the Massachusetts Information Privacy and Security Act



Call for Article V Constitutional convention

Resolutions for a United States Constitutional Amendment and a limited amendment proposing convention



Hybrid meetings

An Act to modernize participation in public meetings


Gun Violence Protection, Sue McCalley

Bill #TopicBill TitleLWVMA Action


Analysis of crime gun date to determine illegal gun trafficking patterns

An Act relative to crime gun data analysis and reporting



Classifies 3D printed guns and ghost guns (or unserialized, untraceable guns) as illegal

An Act Relative to 3D Printed Weapons and Ghost Guns


Health Care, Val Pasquantonio, Janice Goodell, Ellen Church

Bill #TopicBill Title LWVMA Action
H1239/S744Universal single payer healthcareAn Act establishing Medicare for all in MassachusettsSupport
H2151/S1458Uniform collection and reporting process for immunization informationAn Act Promoting Community ImmunitySupport
H2204/S1334Ensure minimum local public health standards, uniform data collection and reportingAn Act relative to accelerating improvements to the local and regional public health system to address disparities in the delivery of public health servicesSupport
H2209/S1457License midwives practicing in out-of-hospital settingsAn Act promoting access to midwifery care and out-of-hospital birth optionsSupport
H2932/S764Tax credit for caregivers of family members at homeAn Act to establish the family caregiving tax creditSupport

Immigration, Amy Cooper

Bill #TopicBill Title LWVMA Action
H3084/S1990Provide services in multiple languagesAn Act relative to language access and inclusionSupport
H2288/S1510“Safe Communities Act” prevents state/local involvement in federal immigration enforcementAn Act to protect the civil rights and safety of all Massachusetts residentsSupport
H2812/S1837Fair wages for agricultural workersAn Act establishing fairness for agricultural laborersSupport

Meeting Basic Human Needs, Clare Gordon

Bill #TopicBill TitleLWVMA Action   
H211/S1112Rights for Homeless personsAn Act establishing a bill of rights for individuals experiencing homelessnessSupport
S1768Earned Income Credit State MatchAn Act improving the earned income credit for working familiesSupport

Transportation, Franny Osman, Lois Levin

Bill #Topic Bill TitleLWVMA Action
H3272/S2277Regional transit authoritiesAn Act to increase regional transit accessibility in the CommonwealthSupport
H2737/S1828Authorizes municipality to impose tax surcharge to fund transportation-related projectsAn Act relative to regional transportation ballot initiativesSupport

Women’s Issues, Jan Soma

Bill #Topic Bill TitleLWVMA Action
H534/S1381No cost menstrual productsAn Act to increase access to disposable menstrual productsSupport
H544/S268Ensures age appropriate, medically accurate sex education in schoolsAn Act relative to healthy youthSupport
H1137/S646Health insurance coverage for all pregnancy related careAn Act ensuring access to full spectrum pregnancy careSupport
H1890/S1184Ban on mandatory arbitration in the workplaceAn Act relative to defense against abusive waiversSupport
H1940/S1181Equal PayAn Act relative to transparency in the workplaceSupport
H1849/S1191Equal PayAn Act relative to pay range disclosureSupport
S2016Parity on public boardsAn Act to ensure gender parity and racial and ethnic diversity on public boards and commissionsSupport
S1415Black maternal health omnibus-newAn Act relative to birthing justice in the CommonwealthSupport
S2061Independent commission to investigate State House sexual harassment/abuseAn Act promoting equality and respect in the legislatureSupport

Bills Followed by LWVMA in Previous Legislative Sessions