League-Supported/Opposed Legislation 2019-2020

The legislative advocacy efforts of the LWVMA are led by the Legislative Action Committee (LAC), composed of the League’s volunteer legislative specialists.  Each legislative specialist follows one or more focus areas.  For those areas, the specialist researches bills filed with the Massachusetts legislature, recommends League action, writes testimony on the League’s position to submit to the relevant committee of the legislature, and follows the progress of the bill. The bills LWVMA acts on must be consistent with LWVMA or LWVUS positionsThe specialist may also join with approved coalition partners or advocacy groups to work together to support or oppose bills. The Legislative Action Committee decides on support for or opposition to a bill, with the LWVMA board of directors retaining final authority on those decisions.

Legislative specialists encourage League members who are interested in closely following an area of legislation or a specific bill to contact them and be added to that specialist’s “team” for notifications of committee hearings and other activities related to specific legislation.

To contact any of the legislative specialists, email specialists@lwvma.org.

Bills Followed by LWVMA in the 2019-2020 Legislative Session, listed by subject area

The bill numbers listed are the numbers initially assigned.  Those numbers will change many times during the legislative process.  You can find the new numbers by clicking on the numbers below, then following the links under “Bill History” on a bill’s page on the legislature’s website.

Children and Family Issues, Palma McLaughlin

 Bill #TopicBill TitleLWVMA Action
H102Set floor for welfare benefitsAn Act to reduce deep poverty among kidsSupport
S36An Act to lift kids out of deep poverty
H591/S267Make breakfast available after school beginsAn Act regarding breakfast after the bellSupport

Criminal Justice and Courts, Colleen Kirby

Bill #TopicBill TitleLWVMA Action
H3420/S825Raise age of juvenile jurisdiction gradually to include 18-20 year-oldsAn Act to promote public safety and better outcomes for young adultsSupport
H1486/S940Revise how criminal justice system deals with those under 25 or 26An Act to reduce the recidivism among emerging adultsSupport
H1386/S900Expungement of certain charges against juvenilesAn Act relative to expungementSupport

Education (Finance), Mary Frantz

Bill #TopicBill TitleLWVMA Action
H586/S238Revise funding formula for educationAn Act providing rightful opportunities and meaningful investment for successful and equitable educationSupport

Elections and Voting, Linda Freedman

Bill #TopicBill TitleLWVMA Action
H685/S396       Election Day RegistrationAn Act relative to Election Day RegistrationSupport
H636 An Act relative to Election Day Registration (satellites)
S397 Expand early votingAn Act relative to early voting privacy and expansionSupport
H681An Act to extend early voting for all electionsSupport
H684/S387An Act relative to early voting in the 2020 presidential primarySupport
H719Ranked choice voting in state and federal electionsAn Act relative to ranked choice votingSupport
S414An Act to use ranked choice voting in electionsSupport
H635/S420Provide a local option to use ranked choice voting in city or town electionsAn Act providing a local option for ranked choice voting in municipal electionsSupport

Environment—Climate Change and Energy, Launa Zimmaro

Bill #TopicBill TitleLWVMA Action
H2836/S1958Goals for renewable energy useAn Act transitioning Massachusetts to 100% renewable energySupport
H832Implement 2008 Global Warming Solutions ActAn Act to create a 2050 roadmap to a clean and thriving CommonwealthSupport
H2810Carbon pricingAn Act to promote green infrastructure and reduce carbon emissionsSupport
S1924An Act to combat climate changeSupport
H2802/S2005Omnibus energy billAn Act to secure a clean energy futureSupport

Environment—Natural Resources, Loring Schwarz, Carolyn Lee

Bill #TopicBill TitleLWVMA Action
H2522/S1767Tax credits for donating land for conservationAn Act relative to the conservation land tax creditSupport
H2463/S1618Increases funding for Community Preservation ActAn Act to sustain community preservation revenueSupport
H3500/S1230Ban toxic flame retardantsAn Act to protect children, families, and firefighters from harmful flame retardantsSupport

Good Governance, Carolyn Lee

Bill #Topic Bill TitleLWVMA Action
H3422/S861Require a warrant before obtaining information from phone or internet companyAn Act to protect electronic privacySupport
H1538/S1385Moratorium on use of certain technology until regulations are enactedAn Act establishing a moratorium on face recognition and other remote biometric surveillance systemsSupport

Gun Control, Jennifer Muroff, Sue McCalley

Bill #TopicBill TitleLWVMA Action
H2045/S1388Requires reporting and analysis of data on guns used in crimesAn Act relative to crime gun data reporting and analysisSupport
H2092All private gun sales must occur at licensed dealer to assure background checkAn Act relative to universal background checks for private gun salesSupport

Health Care, Janice Goodell

Bill #TopicBill Title LWVMA Action
S683Establish single-payer health care in stateAn Act establishing Medicare for all in MassachusettsSupport
H1948/S1332License midwivesAn Act relative to out-of-hospital birth access and safetySupport
S834Permit civil lawsuits by victims of female genital mutilationAn Act relative to female genital mutilationSupport

Immigration, Jennifer Muroff

Bill #TopicBill Title LWVMA Action
H3573/S1401“Safe Communities Act” on immigration enforcementAn Act to protect the civil rights and safety of all Massachusetts residentsSupport
H3012/S2061Allow drivers’ licenses regardless of immigration statusAn Act relative to work and family mobilitySupport
H1368Require costs of state and local immigration law enforcement be covered by federal fundsAn Act relative to enforcing federal lawSupport
H1239/S740In-state tuition for some non-citizen studentsAn Act relative to  equal opportunity for high schoolSupport
S739An Act to ensure tuition  equity for Massachusetts residentsSupport

Meeting Basic Human Needs, Clare Gordon

Bill #TopicBill TitleLWVMA Action   
H1265Remove requirements for families to spend one night in places not fit for sleepingAn Act to protect families experiencing homelessness from having to sleep in unsafe placesSupport
H1173/S678Common application for safety-net servicesAn Act improving public health through a common application for core food, health, and safety-net programsSupport
H150/S76HomelessnessAn Act relative to the safety, dignity, and civil rights of persons experiencing homelessnessSupport
H2434Earned income tax creditAn Act improving the earned income credit for working familiesSupport
S1646An Act improving the earned income credit for healthier familiesSupport

Transportation, Tanya Roy, Lois Levin

Bill #TopicBill TitleLWVMA Action
H3118/S2042Bicycle and pedestrian safetyAn Act to reduce traffic fatalitiesSupport

Water Resources, Carolyn Lee

Bill #TopicBill TitleLWVMA Action
H751/S490Creates statewide sewage discharge notification systemAn Act promoting awareness of sewage pollution in public watersSupport
H762/S535Water conservation during droughtsAn Act relative to maintaining adequate water supplies through effective drought managementSupport
H1781Permit “water-banking” fee on large-scale water usersAn Act providing for the establishment of sustainable water resource fundsSupport
S1645An Act mitigating water resource impactsSupport

Women’s Issues, Tracy Brown

Bill #Topic Bill TitleLWVMA Action
H3320/S1209          Changes to laws affecting abortions in state, called the “ROE Act”An Act to remove obstacles and expand abortion accessSupport
H410/S263Sexual health educationAn Act relative to healthy youthSupport