League-Supported/Opposed Legislation 2017-2018

The legislative advocacy efforts of the LWVMA are led by the Legislative Action Committee (LAC), composed of the League’s legislative specialists.  Each legislative specialist follows one or more focus areas.  For those areas, the specialist researches bills filed with the Massachusetts legislature, recommends League action on them to the LAC, writes testimony on the League’s position to submit to the relevant committee of the legislature, and follows the progress of the bill. The bills LWVMA acts on must be consistent with LWVMA or LWVUS positions. The specialist may also join with approved coalition partners or advocacy groups to work together to support or oppose bills.  The Legislative Action Committee decides on support or opposition for a bill, with the LWVMA board of directors retaining final authority on those decisions.

Legislative specialists encourage League members who are interested in closely following an area of legislation or a specific bill to contact them and be added to that specialist’s “team” for notifications of committee hearings and other activities related to specific legislation.

To contact any of the legislative specialists, email specialists@lwvma.org.

Bills Followed by LWVMA in the 2017-2018 Legislative Session, listed by subject area

Affordable Housing, Clare Gordon

Bill # Topic Bill Title LWVMA Action
H675 Bonds to produce new affordable housing and purchase existing units An Act financing the production and preservation of housing for low and moderate income residents support
H673/S723 Increase housing production An Act relative to housing production Support

Agriculture, Louise Haldeman

Casino Gambling, Louise Haldeman

Child Safety, Palma McLaughlin

 Bill # Topic Bill Title LWVMA Action
 S34 Repeal family cap on welfare benefits An Act to lift the cap on kids Support
S862 Domestic violence training An Act relative to improving training for child advocates to recognize the indictors of domestic violence Support
H811 Child-centered family law An Act relative to shared parenting Oppose
H85 Repeal family cap on welfare Benefits An Act relative to the care and well-being of a child Support

Criminal Justice and Courts, Colleen Kirby

Bill # Topic Bill Title LWVMA Action
S777 / H2359 Deals with having to serve jail time because unable to pay court fees and fines An Act to reduce the criminalization of poverty Support
S874 Conditional medical parole An Act relative to medical placement of terminal and incapacitated inmates Support
S779 /H3121 Increases participation in rehabilitation programs, adds to parole board membership An Act related to parole Support
S770/H3072 Allow alternative sentences for primary caregivers of minor children An Act providing community-based sentencing alternatives for primary caregivers of dependent children convicted of non-violent crimes Support
H74 Reduce Recidivism An Act implementing the joint recommendations of the Massachusetts criminal justice review Support
S944/H2309 Remove records of mistaken and juvenile arrests An Act relative to sealing juvenile records and expungement of court records Support
S873/H967 Felony larceny amount An Act relative to larceny Support
S834/H3120 Pretrial and bail reform An Act reforming pretrial process Support
S847/H793 Restorative justice An Act promoting restorative justice practices Support
S1306/H3071 Solitary confinement restrictions An Act reducing recidivism, curbing unnecessary spending and ensuring appropriate use of segregation Support
S819/H741 Repeal certain mandatory minimum sentences An Act to eliminate mandatory minimum sentences related to drug offenses Support
S773 Increase program participation An Act to expand sentencing options Support

Education, Terry Yoffie

Bill # Topic Bill Title LWVMA Action
S234/H2053 Sexual Health education An Act relative to healthy youth Support

Elder Affairs, Pat Costello

Elections and Voting, Linda Freedman

Bill # Topic Bill Title LWVMA Action
S371 Election Day Voter registration An Act to establish election day registration Support
S373/H2091 Automatic voter registration An Act automatically registering eligible voters and enhancing safeguards against fraud Support
HD2379 Boston reprecincting An Act regarding decennial division of wards and precincts in the city of Boston Support

Environment—Energy and Resource Conservation, Launa Zimmaro

Bill # Topic Bill Title LWVMA Action
H1726 Carbon pricing An Act to promote green infrastructure, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and create jobs Support
S1821 Carbon pricing An Act combating climate change Support
S1876/H2700 Increase minimum use of renewable energy by electric utilities An Act relative to enhancing RPS standards Support
S1846/H2706 Solar net metering, solar targets, renewable energy standards An Act relative to solar power and the green economy Support
H2683 Gas leaks An Act relative to protecting consumers of gas and electricity from paying for leaked and unaccounted for gas Support
H2148 Electronic products waste An Act to require producer responsibility for collection, reuse, and recycling of discarded electronic products Support

Environment—Natural Resources, Carolyn Lee

Fiscal Policy, June Michaels

Good Governance, Carolyn Lee

Bill # Topic Bill Title LWVMA Action
S787/H873 Prohibit registries based on religion, national origin, etc. and prevent collection of information based on First Amendment activities An Act to protect fundamental freedoms and prohibit discriminatory registration programs Support

Health Care, Judy Deutsch and Janice Goodell

Bill # Topic Bill Title LWVMA Action
Health insurance reports sent to patient An Act to protect access to confidential health care Support
S619 Single-payer health care An Act to establish Medicare for all in Massachusetts Support
H2987 Single-payer health care An Act establishing improved Medicare for all in Massachusetts Support
S610/H596 Study costs of single-payer health care system An Act to ensure effective health care cost control Support
S1169/H2474 Create advanced dental hygiene practitioner level An Act authorizing dental therapists to expand access to oral health Support

Human Trafficking/Child Safety, Carole Pelchat

Immigration, Karen Price

Bill # Topic Bill Title LWVMA Action
S1305/H3269 “Safe Communities Act” on immigration enforcement An Act to protect the civil rights and safety of all Massachusetts residents Support
H644 In-state tuition for some non-citizen students An Act relative to equal opportunity for high school graduates in the commonwealth Support

Meeting Basic Human Needs, Clare Gordon

Bill # Topic Bill Title LWVMA Action
H659 Remove requirement for families to spend one night in shelter not fit for sleeping An Act to protect families experiencing homelessness from having to sleep in unsafe places Support
S612/H101 Common application for safety-net services An Act improving public health through a common application for core food, health and safety-net program Support
H695 Homelessness An Act providing a homeless bill of rights Support
S46 Homelessness An Act creating a bill of rights for people experiencing homelessness Support
H1504 Earned income tax credit An Act improving the Earned Income Tax Credit for working families Support
S1521 Earned income tax credit An Act improving the Earned Income Tax Credit for healthier families Support

Transportation, Lois Levin

Bill # Topic Bill Title LWVMA Action
S1905/H2877 Reduce bicycle and pedestrian accidents An Act to reduce traffic fatalities Support

Water Resources, Carolyn Lee

Bill # Topic Bill Title LWVMA Action
S1126/H2116 Permit “water-banking” fee on large-scale water users An Act providing for the establishment of sustainable water resource funds Support
S420/H2711 Maintain streamflow and water levels An Act relative to streamflow standards Support
S425/H2115 Water conservation during droughts An Act relative to drought management Support
H2139 Requires water quality and pollution control report An Act to improve water quality and pollution control programs Support

Women’s Issues, Jessica Sullivan

Bill # Topic Bill Title LWVMA Action
S1023/H1038 Rights for pregnant workers An Act establishing the Massachusetts pregnant workers fairness act Support
S545 Disability insurance equity An Act providing for equitable coverage in disability policies Support
S499/H536 Insurers provide contraceptives without copays or deductibles An Act relative to advancing contraceptive coverage and economic security Support
S784       Contraception and abortion An Act negating archaic statutes targeting young women Support
S805       Contraception, abortion adultery and other issues An Act relative to archaic crimes Support