League-Supported/Opposed Legislation 2017-2018

The legislative advocacy efforts of the LWVMA are led by the Legislative Action Committee (LAC), composed of the League’s legislative specialists.  Each legislative specialist follows one or more focus areas.  For those areas, the specialist researches bills filed with the Massachusetts legislature, recommends League action on them to the LAC, writes testimony on the League’s position to submit to the relevant committee of the legislature, and follows the progress of the bill. The bills LWVMA acts on must be consistent with LWVMA or LWVUS positions. The specialist may also join with approved coalition partners or advocacy groups to work together to support or oppose bills.  The Legislative Action Committee decides on support or opposition for a bill, with the LWVMA board of directors retaining final authority on those decisions.

Legislative specialists encourage League members who are interested in closely following an area of legislation or a specific bill to contact them and be added to that specialist’s “team” for notifications of committee hearings and other activities related to specific legislation.

To contact any of the legislative specialists, email specialists@lwvma.org.

Bills Followed by LWVMA in the 2017-2018 Legislative Session, listed by subject area

Affordable Housing, Clare Gordon

Agriculture, Louise Haldeman

Casino Gambling, Louise Haldeman

Child Safety, Palma McLaughlin

 Bill # Topic Bill Title LWVMA Action
 S34 Repeal family cap on welfare benefits An Act to lift the cap on kids Support

Criminal Justice and Courts, Colleen Kirby

Bill # Topic Bill Title LWVMA Action
S777 Deals with having to serve jail time because unable to pay court fees and fines An Act to reduce the criminalization of poverty Support
S874 Conditional medical parole An Act relative to medical placement of terminal and incapacitated inmates Support
S779 Increases participation in rehabilitation programs, adds to parole board membership An Act related to parole Support

Education, Terry Yoffie

Bill # Topic Bill Title LWVMA Action
S234/HD2653 Sexual Health education An Act relative to healthy youth Support

Elder Affairs, Pat Costello

Elections and Voting, Linda Freedman

Bill # Topic Bill Title LWVMA Action
S371 Election Day Voter registration An Act to establish election day registration Support

Environment—Energy and Resource Conservation, Launa Zimmaro

Bill # Topic Bill Title LWVMA Action
H1726 Carbon Pricing An Act to promote green infrastructure, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and create jobs Support

Environment—Natural Resources, Carolyn Lee

Fiscal Policy, June Michaels

Good Governance, Carolyn Lee

Health Care, Judy Deutsch and Janice Goodell

Bill # Topic Bill Title LWVMA Action
Health insurance reports sent to patient An Act to protect access to confidential health care Support

Human Trafficking/Child Safety, Carole Pelchat

Immigration, Karen Price

Bill # Topic Bill Title LWVMA Action
S1305/HD3052 “Safe Communities Act” on immigration enforcement An Act to protect the civil rights and safety of all Massachusetts residents Support
S669/H644 In-state tuition for some non-citizen students An Act relative to equal opportunity for high school graduates in the commonwealth Support

Meeting Basic Human Needs, Clare Gordon

Transportation, Lois Levin

Water Resources, Carolyn Lee

Bill # Topic Bill Title LWVMA Action
S1126/HD2403 Permit “water-banking” fee on large-scale water users An Act providing for the establishment of sustainable water resource funds Support
S420/HD2739 Maintain streamflow and water levels An Act relative to streamflow standards Support
S425/HD2398 Water conservation during droughts An Act relative to drought management Support
HD2348 Requires water quality and pollution control report An Act to improve water quality and pollution control programs Support

Women’s Issues

Bill # Topic Bill Title LWVMA Action
S1023/H1038 Rights for pregnant workers An Act establishing the Massachusetts pregnant workers fairness act Support
S545 Disability insurance equity An Act providing for equitable coverage in disability policies Support