2019-20 Legislative Action Committee

Legislative Action Chair Nancy Brumback
Affordable Housing, Basic Human Needs Clare Gordon
Agriculture, Casino Gambling Louise Haldeman
Child Safety Palma McLaughlin
Criminal Justice and Courts Colleen Kirby
Education (Finance) Mary Frantz
Education (Higher Education) Susan Loffredo
Education (Policy) Karen Mazza
Elder Affairs Pat Costello
Elections and Voting Linda Freedman
Environment:  Climate Change and Energy Launa Zimmaro
Environment: Natural Resources Carolyn Lee, Loring Schwarz
Fiscal Policy June Michaels
Good Governance Carolyn Lee
Gun Control Jen Muroff, Sue McCalley
Healthcare Janice Goodell
Immigration Jen Muroff
Transportation Lois Levin
Water Resources Carolyn Lee
Women’s Issues Tanya Roy

To reach members of the Legislative Action Committee, please email specialists@lwvma.org.