Testimony 2013-2014

  •  Date
Testimony Bill/Topic
 11/6/2014 Document Testimony before the Special Advisory Commission regarding the compensation of Public Officials
 7/16/2014  Document S.2281 An Act to promote public safety and protect access to reproductive health care facilities.
6/3/2014 Document H.4121 An Act relative to the reduction of gun violence
3/6/2014 Document H.3848 An Act Updating the Bottle Bill
3/6/2014 Document H.920 / S.426 An Act Prohibiting Discrimination in Insurance Policies
3/6/2014 Document H.838 / S.427 An Act Providing Equitable Coverage in Disability Policies
1/7/2014 Document H.805 An Act to Mitigate Water Resource Impacts
12/4/13 Document S.335, S.339, H.572, H.580, H.586, H.589, H.592, H.622, H.626, H.3308 All bills proposing requiring some type of identification at the polls when people vote
12/4/13 Document H.579 and S.314 An Act Establishing Election Day Registration
10/30/13 Document S.203 and S.254 An Act to Involve Youth in Civic Engagement
10/22/13 Document S.514 – An Act to establish a public health insurance option, S.572/H.1053 – An Act to ensure effective health care cost control, S.515/H.1035 – An Act establishing Medicare for All in Massachusetts
10/18/2013 Document H.2783 and H.2787 related to Ease of Public Access to Public Records
10/16/2013 Document
H.613 and H.618 Related to Election Audits
9/18/2013 Document
S.321/H.651, S.320/H.559 and H.630 related to Election Campaign Financing Disclosure and Reform
9/17/2013 Document
H.2943 and S.1588 An Act updating the bottle bill
9/10/13 Document
Gun Saftey Legislation (no bill yet)
6/4/13 Document
S.37 and H.93 An Act Promoting Financial Stability and Asset Development – Encourages vocational education and other policies to enable low-income parents to become self-sufficient. Press Release
5/15/2013 Document
S.324 and H.600 An Act requiring a paper ballot/secure voting equipment
5/14/2013 Document
S.209 and H.450 An Act relative to healthy youth