AG Approves Updated Bottle Bill: Signature Campaign Is On!

Attorney General certifies 28 Petitions Covering 14 Topics

The Updated Bottle Bill petition has been certified by the AG, meaning LWV and other groups can move forward with signature collection efforts as soon as the petitions are prepared (Sept 18 at the latest). The AG’s Office certified 28 of 33 petitions, which includes 25 proposed laws and three proposed constitutional amendments. The 28 certified petitions cover 14 topics; some petitioners submitted more than one version of a petition on the same topic. It is therefore possible there will be up to 14 ballot questions for the November 2014 election.

A list of the petitions and whether or not they were certified is available on the AG’s website.

Proponents of each certified initiative petition must now gather and file the signatures of 68,911 registered voters. Once the signatures are obtained, the proposal is sent to the state legislature to enact before the first Wednesday in May 2014. If the legislature fails to enact the proposal, its proponents must gather another 11,485 signatures from registered voters by July 2014 to place the initiative on the November 2014 ballot. An initiative petition, if ultimately passed by the voters, becomes the equivalent of a statute.

[The content of this article is excerpted from a press release from the AG’s office which can be read in its entirety here]