Cindy Ku

Secretary| | Local League: Sudbury

Cindy Ku, a member of the Sudbury League, is honored to be nominated as Secretary for LWVMA. Aside from a five-year hiatus for medical school and internship, Cindy has lived in the Greater Boston area since 1998. A Sudbury resident since 2012, Cindy was encouraged by her mother-in-law (a member of LWV in southern California) to join the League after the 2016 presidential elections and has been engaged in several League activities ever since. She is particularly interested in promoting civic engagement at the local and state level and civic education for students. Cindy works as a full-time academic anesthesiologist in Boston, and she is very active in resident physician training at the local and national level as well as in graduate medical education research. In her spare time, Cindy enjoys intricate and intense Lego building with her spouse and her two sons, ages 5 and 7.