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Application for LWVMA Reparations Study Committee: Please apply by September 8

A study about reparations was recommended by the LWVMA board and adopted by delegates at the 2023 LWVMA Convention in June. The LWVMA board will appoint a Study Committee to focus on this issue with a goal to finish the work over the next two years. Jeanne Morrison, Co-President of LWV Cape Cod Area and Susan Millinger, a Steering Committee member of LWV Amherst will co-chair this study.

Reparations are a complex issue, evoking strong opinions pro and con by members of the League as well as American society in general. The study will consider: Why Reparations? What is the history—and the present-day situation—which leads some to support reparations? What arguments support those who look at the same events and oppose reparations? Different reparations have been suggested: what are they, and what are the arguments for and against each type of reparation? Should the federal government provide reparations, as some argue, or should reparations be provided only by state or local governments or only by non-governmental bodies? How would a position either in favor or in opposition to reparations meet existing League positions? What can the work done by the Leagues of other states contribute to LWVMA’s study? To be successful, the study must carefully consider the many pros and cons, before presenting the evidence and the arguments to the local Leagues for their consideration and consensus.

To apply for a spot on the Reparations Study Committee, click HERE. To review the Study Committee requirements, click HERE. To review the Study timeline, click HERE. Applications are due by 5 PM on Friday, September 8.