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Call-In Day of Action on Environment on January 17

A Call-In Day of Action has been organized by our climate coalition action partners for this Wednesday, January 17th. The goal is to report significant energy and climate change-related bills out of committee so they can move through the legislative process to a vote this session. 

Our task is to make sure through phone calls and social media posts that our legislators know we expect action on important bills.

Your call can be as simple and direct as asking that LWVMA-supported energy bills in the Joint Committee on Telecommunications, Utilities and Energy (TUE) be voted favorably out of Committee by February 7th.

The environmental bills with especially high priority for this action are listed below:

S1821: An Act combatting climate change (Carbon Pricing)

H1726: An Act to promote green infrastructure, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and create jobs (Carbon Pricing)

S1876/H2700: An Act relative to enhancing RPS standards (Increase minimum use of renewable energy by electric utilities)

S1846/H2706: An Act relative to solar power and the green economy (Remove solar net metering cap)

S1875/H1725: An Act relative to local energy investment and infrastructure modernization (Modernize the electric grid)

You can find information about each bill listed in the Advocacy section of the LWVMA website under Environment-Energy and Resource Conservation. For more information about the bills or this action, contact Launa Zimmaro at  To find your legislators’ contact information, click here.