Deborah Goldberg

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Candidate for: Treasurer

Party: Democrat

Occupation: President, Adoptions With Love; Former Chair, Brookline Board of Selectmen; Current Brookline Town Mtg. Member

Hometown: Brookline

Education: BA, Boston University; MBA, Harvard Business School; JD, Boston College Law School

Campaign Website:

Questions & Answers

Question: What opportunities does the Treasurer have to influence or set policy, and how would you use them?

The Treasurer’s job is running a large office with many different departments – Cash Management, debt management, school building assistance, veteran’s benefits, investing and managing the 55 billion dollar pension fund – protecting taxpayers’ dollars.

But I believe we also need a Treasurer who invests in people and establishes policies to do so.

I am running to give everyone the financial power and skill they need to move ahead in today’s tough economy.  As Treasurer we will establish:

  1. Wage equality.  This is not just a women’s issue it is a family issue! And from day one, I will lead on this issue.
  2. A robust, statewide financial literacy program making sure people never again fall victim to a sub-prime mortgage crisis or go into serious debt to pay for college.
  3. Free tax preparation for low-income families, so they don’t rely on companies that promise fast cash instead of refunds they have worked so hard for.
  4. A college savings plan for kindergarteners, who need it the most, paid for by the banks not taxpayers.

This is how we will break down barriers for those who deserve so much more, and how I will set policy as Treasurer.

Question: The Treasurer is responsible for investing state funds, including pensions. What would be your investment strategy and priorities? Are there criteria other than return on investment that you would consider?

Return on investment will always be critical in determining companies to invest in. As Treasurer, I intend to evaluate every investment advisor’s strategy and insure we have a balanced approach that provides growth without excessive risk.

However, we can continue realizing excellent returns and still use the leverage of our pension fund to invest in a socially responsible manner. That will consistently be one of the criteria I utilize in our approach.

As examples, I will continue the divestment from fossil fuels currently underway and invest in alternative energy sources with equivalent returns. I will also use the power of the proxy vote to fight for greater diversity on corporate boards and in executive positions. Companies need more women, people of color, immigrants, members of the LGBTQ community to reflect the vibrancy of all our communities. Doing this is also a good business decision. And with the recent Supreme Court “Hobby Lobby” decision that has put women across the country at risk, I will make sure we do not invest in companies seeking to exploit this erroneous ruling which denies women basic care and contraception.

Proper investment and good policy can work hand in hand.

Question: What are your plans for the State Lottery? Would you consider expanding into on-line gambling or allowing customers to use credit cards to pay for lottery tickets?

As the former Chair of the Brookline Board of Selectmen, I cannot overemphasize how important lottery distributions are to every city and town throughout Massachusetts. It provides one billion dollars in the only unrestricted general funds to meet the needs of every person who lives here.

Therefore, I view the role of Treasurer and the responsibility of delivering those funds very seriously.

However, we must also make sure to avoid options that prey on those most susceptible to gambling addiction. I am opposed to on-line gambling and the use of credit cards to pay for lottery tickets.  Both of these are predatory in nature and could do irreparable harm to our lottery and the people that battle addiction each and every day.

Additionally, should casino gambling enter Massachusetts which I do not support, it is going to affect the lottery, threatening revenues to our communities as they are facing increased costs of providing education and services. As Treasurer I will use my background in business and marketing to support and develop options that will not only protect the lottery revenues we have today, but increase distributions as we move forward in a potentially more competitive environment.