Mark Fisher

Photo of  Mark Fisher

Candidate for: Governor

Party: Republican

Occupation: Small Business Owner

Hometown: Shrewsbury

Education: MBA, MS, BS from WPI; AS from Hartford St. Tech College

Campaign Website:

Questions & Answers

Question: How would you spur economic development and job creation throughout the state?

Through my 4 point program.   1. Reduce the corporate tax rate to make it comparable to those states to which businesses are leaving.  2. Eliminate the over burdensome rules and regulations that drive businesses out of MA.  3. Eliminate the taxpayer funding of fad industries.   4. Eliminate the obscure inventory tax.  Doing so would make MA a haven of distribution centers and their material handling, logistics, administrative and transportation jobs.

Question: What are your priorities in education?

Eliminate Common Core and the PARCC testing from MA.  We have a wonderful public education system in MA.  We should be the model for other states rather than adopting a new, unproven, nation-wide system and its associated test.  I would also advocate for the return of Wood Shop, Metal Shop and other vocational opportunities for students in middle school.  We have wrongly stressed that success only comes through a college education and all the debt that goes along with it.

Question: What would be your two transportation project priorities and why?

First, eliminate the Tolls and the Toll booths on the MA turnpike.  We were promised such when the turnpike was paid for, and it has been paid for.  In addition the MA turnpike is self-sustaining without the Tolls.  Billboards and rest stops generate enough revenue to pay for the yearly maintenance with $20 million excess each year. Second, before we can discuss any new transportation projects we need to repair all of our roads and bridges.  Let’s repair and stabilize our crumbling infrastructure before we embark on any new projects.

Question: Should Massachusetts take steps in response to climate change, and, if so, what steps would you recommend?

No.  Reality is just not backing up any of the predictions.  Sea levels have not risen. The polar ice caps have not melted. Polar bear populations rather than shrinking have actually increased.  The scandals at the IPCC have shown that scientists there are more interested in creating data that continues the funding of their studies rather than the truth.  Please visit

Question: Within the framework of the Affordable Care Act, how would you improve health care in Massachusetts?

Additional competition between insurers will lower costs.  This is what happened with auto insurance rates when MA allowed out-of-state insures to provide coverage in MA.  Let’s do the same with Health insurance. There is a catastrophic coverage option within the ACA.  This type of coverage would by its nature have lower premiums.  Those insured would pay less and their savings would be used to provide for routine coverage.  The competition generated from individuals choosing their own routine care would further drive costs down.