LWV Lotte Scharfman Memorial Fund

The LWV Lotte Scharfman Memorial Fund was established in memory of a League president who died in 1970 on her forty-second birthday. Lotte Scharfman was a refugee who escaped with her family from Austria during World War II, and who devoted her life to working for the democratic process and to helping all people gain access to government. She is widely credited with coining the phrase, “Democracy is not a spectator sport.”  The Fund currently supports a variety of voter engagement and civic education programs.

Voting Activities

The Scharfman Fund supports all of LWVMA’s voter registration, education, engagement, and protection activities.

Give to LWV Lotte Scharfman Memorial Fund

Give to LWV Lotte Scharfman Memorial Fund to support civic education and voter engagementA gift of this kind is tax-deductible. EIN: 23-7147454 

School Civics Celebration Project

The Scharfman Fund supports a state-wide effort through our 43 Leagues to celebrate and recognize the student-led civics projects which are now  a required part of the curriculum in grade eight and high school. 

Forums and Conferences

The Scharfman Fund educates and engages citizens through public conversations on timely and important issues.  We are proud to sponsor and co-sponsor events that bring together experts in their fields to share research, analysis, and recommendations with members of LWVMA and the general public. 

Lotte Scharfman Memorial Fund Grant Program

The Lotte Scharfman Memorial Fund Grant Program helps our local Leagues carry out events and projects that increase participation in the democratic process, study key community issues in an unbiased manner, and/or enable people to seek positive solutions to public policy issues through education and conflict management.

LWV Lotte Scharfman Memorial Fund Board of Trustees, 2023-2024

Elizabeth Foster-Nolan

Marie Gauthier

Courtney Rau-Rogers

Tanya Roy

Josiah Morrow
Jean Cherdack
Jeanne Morrison
Miriam Davis
Christy Torres
Melinda Murphy
Samantha Giffen
Debra Dagwan