Action Priorites

Empowering Voters and Fostering Civic Engagement

Governor Charlie Baker signs the landmark civic education bill into law in November 2018

Civic education and civil discourse are at the very core of the League’s work. An active and informed citizenry is the foundation of a well-functioning democracy, and the League devotes much of its activity to ensuring that citizens have access to the information, skills, and resources to play an active role in their government.

LWVMA works to ensure that the youngest residents of the Commonwealth are informed about our nation’s history, our electoral system, and issues of public importance.  We advocate for more civic education in schools, identify books on U.S. history and voting appropriate for children and teens, and sponsor an annual video contest designed to encourage high school students to engage in civic life.  We are especially proud to be a key member of the Massachusetts Civic Learning Coalition which, in the 2017-18 legislative session, successfully passed a landmark civic education bill in the Commonwealth.

Additionally, the League of Women Voters of Massachusetts Citizen Education Fund provides programs, publications and forums on major public policy issues and disseminates information and training that help all citizens of Massachusetts to thoughtfully engaged in the democratic process.  More information about the fund and its programs is available on the Citizen Education Fund page.