LWVMA supports the following bills dealing with critical aspects of increasing energy efficiency and/or decarbonizing buildings – large and small, residential and commercial – in Massachusetts. This sector is one of the most potent emitters in our state, second only to transportation. 

  • H. 3213/S.2178 An Act relative to Better Buildings
  • H. 3192/S2144 — An Act relative to Building Energy and Decarbonization 
  • H. 3694 – An Act relative to the Clean Heat Standard
  • H.3203/S.2105 – An Act relative to the future of clean heat in the Commonwealth

Please contact your state representative and state senator and ask them to urge their colleagues on the Joint Committee for Telecommunications, Utilities and Energy (TUE) to report the bills out favorably as soon as possible this session. Remember to include your name and complete address. Feel free to personalize your message outlining why climate issues are important to you. Find your legislators here.

For additional details about the bills, please visit: LWVMA Advocacy 2023-2024 and read the bill summaries provided for the bills listed. You will find them under Environment—Climate Emergency, Launa Zimmaro. 

Are you interested in receiving updates on bills related to climate emergency? Please contact legislative specialist Launa Zimmaro at specialists@lwvma.org.