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Democracy Is Worth Waiting For

More and more people in Massachusetts are taking advantage of our new law that allows anyone to vote by mail.  Other voters have opted to cast their ballots during the expanded, in-person early voting period.

Making voting more accessible to more people through these reforms is great.   But these changes in how we vote may also mean there will be delays in how quickly election results are reported.  All those mail ballots and early-voted ballots have to be fed into the vote tabulators on Election Day, to be added to the votes cast on Election Day itself.  And mail ballots postmarked by Nov. 8 will be counted as long as they arrive in election offices by Nov. 12.

While the final, official results may take a little longer to be reported, be patient.  We need to allow time for every vote to be counted accurately and completely.  The system is working, not broken.  Our democracy is worth the wait.