Diversity Equity Inclusion Corner

In honor of Juneteenth and Pride Month, this month’s reading selection delves into the rich history of Juneteenth and the ongoing struggle for gay rights. We celebrate the resilience and courage of those who fought for freedom and equality. Join us as we explore these important narratives and reflect on their enduring significance. Be sure to check out the list of events taking place this month to celebrate Juneteenth and Pride Month. Next month the DEI Corner will focus on LWVMA’s Reparations Study.

Pan-African Flag



Progress Pride Flag



Galveston, Texas: June 19, 1865. On this day, U.S. soldiers led by General Gordon Granger arrived to take control of Texas and to read General Order No. 3: “The people of Texas are informed that, in accordance with a proclamation from the Executive of the United States, all slaves are free. This involves an absolute equality of rights and rights of property between former masters and slaves, and the connection therefore existing between them becomes that between employer and free laborer.”  During the Civil War, Texas didn’t experience much fighting, and the Union Army wasn’t a significant presence there, so slavery continued unchallenged. In fact, Texas was the last state reached by federal troops, fully two and half years after President Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation. Emancipation did not happen immediately for all of the state’s 250,000 enslaved people; nevertheless, the news sparked spontaneous celebrations among newly freed Black people. This was the beginning of Juneteenth, a day to commemorate the Emancipation Proclamation.  Further progress was made in December of that year, with the adoption of the 13th Amendment, formally abolishing slavery in the country.  On June 19 in 1866, freed people in Texas held Jubilee Day, which came to be celebrated every year with music, barbecues, prayer services, and other festivities. As Black people began to move to other states, Juneteenth traditions spread with them. After a brief decline in the mid-twentieth century, observing Juneteenth became increasingly popular across the country, and today, this Black Independence Day is celebrated widely.


In 1979, Texas declared Juneteenth an official holiday, setting the stage for other states to follow. In June 2021, the U.S. Congress passed a resolution making Juneteenth a federal holiday,  and it was signed into law by President Biden.


New York City, June 28, 1969. On this day, city police officers arrived at Christopher Street in Greenwich Village to raid the Stonewall Inn, a bar popular with gay and lesbian people. This was not unusual. In the postwar period, civil rights were generally denied to gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people, and in many cities, police would routinely raid their gathering places. However, at Stonewall, people began to fight back. The conflict rapidly escalated into six days of protesting and violent confrontation between supporters of the gay community and the police. When the riots finally ended on July 2, 1969, the previously ignored gay rights movement was picked up by the media, and it became news all over the world. The following year on June 28, activists marched in what was called the Christopher Street Liberation Day March to commemorate the Stonewall Riots.  Over time, this became known as the Gay Pride Parade, and the event is thought to be the first gay pride parade in the country. It drew thousands of people and stretched 51 city blocks. That year, there were also parades in Chicago, Los Angles, and San Francisco.


Today there are gay pride events all over the world, in small towns and villages as well as cities. In 2000, President Bill Clinton designated June as Gay and Lesbian Pride Month, and in 2009, President Obama renamed it with the more inclusive Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Month. In addition to New York, other cities, such as Sao Paulo, Sydney, Madrid, Taipei, and Toronto have huge Pride celebrations.  They are also held in places where anti-gay sentiment runs high, such as Serbia, Russia, and Turkey, and there they represent crucial protests against repression.


The following lists of Juneteenth and Pride events around Massachusetts are organized by city/town. Please note that the lists are not exhaustive but contain only the information we received from League members and what we found from limited Internet searches. Many thanks to all the people who contributed to the lists.


Juneteenth Events



What:  Juneteenth Annual Celebration, day-long event: “Chains to Change: Honoring Amherst’s Everyday Heroes:” memorial service, historic walk, children’s activities, presentation on civil rights and voter suppression, story slam “Chains to Change”

When:  15 June, 11 am-8 pm (story slam 7 pm)

Where: begins with memorial service at West Cemetery, Triangle St, Amherst

Who: Open to the public, free, registration required for story slam, optional 19$ donation

URL: https://ancestral-bridges.org/#:~:text=The%204th%20Annual%20Juneteenth%20Legacy,long%20event%20in%20downtown%20Amherst



What: Jubilee on the Common: food, music, community

When: 16 June, 12-7 pm

Where: Town Common, Amherst

Who: Open to the public, free

Check amherstindy.org later in June to confirm date.



What: A Juneteenth Celebration, Boston Landmarks Orchestra

When: 15 June, 4-5:30 pm

Where: Salvation Army Ray and Joan Kroc Corps, Community Center, 650 Dudley, St, Boston

Who: Open to public, free, reservation required

URL: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/a-juneteenth-celebration-tickets-891079170787?aff=ebdsreoeymlcollection



What: 14th Annual Boston Juneteenth Emancipation Observance: Flag Raising, Parade from Roxbury Heritage

When: 19 June, 12-7 pm; flag raising 12:30 pm, parade 2 pm; program 4pm

Where: Parade from Roxbury Heritage State Park (183 Roxbury St) to Museum of the National Center of Afro-American Artists, 300 Walnut Ave, Boston

Who: Open to the public, free

URL: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/2024-boston-juneteenth-emancipation-observance-tickets-873712576837?aff=erelexpmlt



What: Juneteenth Flag Raising; speakers, music

When: 17 June, 3:30 pm

Where: Academy Building, 66 Central Square, Bridgewater

Who: Open to the public, free

URL: https://www.bccrcivilrights.org/juneteenth.html



What: Annual Juneteenth Celebration: food, craft vendors, entertainment, speakers

When: 22 June 1-6 pm, rain date 23 June

Where: University Park at Bridgewater State University, 351 Great Hill Ave, Bridgewater

Who: Open to the public, free

URL: https://www.bccrcivilrights.org/juneteenth.html



What: Wee the People at Fuller Craft: Juneteenth Unlimited: Blackness, Buttons, and Flag-Making Galore!

When: 15 June, 1-3 pm

Where: Fuller Craft Museum, 455 Oak St, Brockton

Who: Open to the public, free, registration required

URL: https://fullercraft.org/programs/wee-the-people-at-fuller-craft-juneteenth-unlimited-blackness-buttons-and-flag-making-galore/



What: Juneteenth Celebration

When: 15 June, 2 pm

Where: Brockton Public Library, 204 Main St, Brockton

Who: Open to the public, free



What: Juneteenth Block Party: Family Reunion Edition; family-friendly fun

When: 19 June, 12-6 pm

Where: Florida Ruffin Ridley School, 345 Harvard St, Brookline

Who: Open to the public, free

URL: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/juneteenth-block-party-a-family-reunion-tickets-731899139027



What: 4th Annual Town of Brookline Juneteenth Celebration: Freedom March, entertainment, food

When: 19 June, 10-4 pm

Where: Brookline Avenue Park, 575 Brookline Ave, Brookline

Who: Open to the public, family friendly

URL: https://events.humanitix.com/4th-annual-town-of-brookline-juneteenth-celebration


Everett and NOBLE

What: Celebration of Freedom and Unity-Juneteenth: music, food, activities

When: 2-5 pm

Where: Glendale Park, 50 Elm St, Everett

Who: Open to all, free

URL: https://cityofeverett.com/events/juneteenth-2024/



What: 4th annual Gloucester Juneteenth Celebration: history, music, dance, food, fun

When: 16 June, 12-4 pm

Where: Cape Ann Museum, 27 Pleasant St, Gloucester; flag raising at City Hall, 9 Dale Ave

Who: Open to the public, free

URL: https://www.capeannmuseum.org/event/gloucester-juneteenth-celebration/



What: Greenfield’s 3rd Annual Juneteenth Celebration: Parade and Festivities: food, vendors, performers, fashion show and more

When: 19 June, parade starts 11 am; festivities at terminus 12-5 pm

Where: parade starts at City Hall (Federal Street), ends at Beacon Field, 61 Beacon St, Greenfield

Who: Open to all

URL: https://visitgreenfieldma.com/event/greenfield-juneteenth-celebration/



What:4th Annual Juneteenth Freedom Day Celebration: music food, bounce house

When: 19 June, 3-6 pm

Where: The Bandstand, Hingham Harbor

Who: Open to all, free

URL: https://hinghamunity.org; https://hinghamunity.org/event/juneteenth-2024/



What: Wee the People Presents Juneteenth Unlimited: Interactive family workshop; stories, crafts, teach-in

When: 1 June, 2-3 pm

Where: Lincoln Public Library, Tarbell Room, 3 Bedford Rd, Lincoln

Who: Geared for ages 6 and above accompanied by adult, registration required

URL: https://lincolnpl.assabetinteractive.com/calendar/wee-wear-the-crowns-celebrating-juneteenth-founder-opal-lee/



What: Lincoln Celebrates Juneteenth, A Celebration of the Arts: performances, dj, poetry, food, bouncy house and more

When: 9 June, 1-4 pm

Where: Field next to Codman Pool, 1 Ball Field Rd, Lincoln

Who: Open to the Public, free



What: Lowell’s Juneteenth Flag Raising

When: 14 June, 11 am

Where: Lowell City Hall, 375 Merrimack St, Lowell

Who: Open to the public, free, furry friends welcome

URL: https://www.blacklowellcoalition.com/event-info/juneteenth-flag-raising-2024-in-lowell



What: Juneteenth Jubilee: games, exhibits, bookmobile, gumbo, and more

When: 15 June, 12-6 pm

Where: Muldoon Park, 5 Billerica St, Lowell

Who: Open to the public, free, furry friends welcome

URL: https://www.blacklowellcoalition.com/event-info/juneteenth-jubilee-lowell-2024



What: 7th Annual Juneteenth Celebration

When: 19 June, 11am-3 pm

Where: Lincoln Commons, Malden

For updated details, check https://www.cityofmalden.org/1041/Maldens-375th-Anniversary-Page


Martha’s Vineyard

What: 4th Annual Jubilee Festival: ‘space race’, ‘art as resistance’, ‘music jam’

When: 22 June, 1-5 pm

Where: Union Chapel, 55 Narragansett Ave, Oak Bluffs

Who: Open to the public, free, get tickets (go to URL)

URL: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/jubilee-festival-tickets-877650164267?aff=oddtdtcreator


Martha’s Vineyard

What: 3rd Annual Taste of Juneteenth, [NAACPMV, charitable event spotlighting Black and Indigenous chefs]

When: 23 June, 5-9 pm

Where: Portuguese American Club, Oak Bluffs, 137 Vineyard Ave, Martha’s Vineyard

Who: Charitable event, 75$, fee   includes year membership in NAACPMV

URL: https://calendar.vineyardgazette.com/event/third-annual-taste-of-juneteenth?utm_campaign=widget&utm_medium=widget&utm_source=Martha%27s+Vineyard+Calendar



What: Juneteenth – Forever Free: concert of  Black American composers

When: 19 June, 6-8 pm

Where: Nathaniel Allen House, 35 Webster St, Newton

Who: Ticket holders, 10-30$

URL: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/juneteenth-forever-free-2nd-show-6-pm-tickets-715495154267


North Shore

What: Juneteenth Celebration: joy, music, community

When: 22 June, 11 am-3 pm

Where: Lynn Museum and Frederick Douglass Park, 590 Washington St, Lynn

Who: Free, family friendly

URL: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/juneteenth-celebration-w-north-shore-juneteenth-tickets-899070733767?aff=ebdsreoeymlcollection



What: Juneteenth Celebration: flag raising, parade, festival; music, food, family fun

When: 16 June, 12 -7 pm

Where: Flag raising 12 pm at Pittsfield City Hall, parade to Durant Park, 30 John St, for festival

Who: All are welcome

URL: https://www.facebook.com/events/361814680040328/



What: Juneteenth Lecture: Dr Robert Gomes, Illuminating African American Histories

When: 19 June, 6-8 pm; lecture begins 7 pm

Where: Pilgrim Hall Museum, 75 Court St, Plymouth

Who: 10$ (free to students with valid ID)

URL: https://seeplymouth.com/event/2024-speaker-series-juneteenth-lecture-plymouth/



What: 3rd Annual Juneteenth Celebration: song, dance, poetry, food and more; theme “Salute to Historically Black Colleges and Universities”

When: 19 June, 11 am-2 pm

Where: Powers Farm, 592 N. Main St, Randolph

Who: All those interested

Sponsor: Randolph Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Coalition



What: Juneteenth Jubilee: Flag Raising/Adult Block Party; Family Fun Day

When: 14 June: Flag Raising and Block Party; 15 June Family Fun Day

Where: 2023 info: Flag raising: Black Vietnam Veterans Memorial; Block party (adults, local restaurant); Family fun day 1-7, Blunt Park

Who: Adults only on 14 June block party; family friendly on 12 June

URL: https://www.facebook.com/story.php/?story_fbid=726429792986100&id=100068572584405&paipv=0&eav=AfayK2J650hQ4_pto2Utyp50nvP4DQouyknMFqXdzSH01KmYL_5XjlWGNnIfY9FFBVc&_rdr  (Check for updates)




What: 2024 Juneteenth: Celebrate Our Veterans; vendors, live performances, food, dj, and more

When: 19 June, 10 am – 2 pm; 1 pm Michelle Brooks-Thompson, live performance

Where: Stoughton High School, 232 Pearl St, Stoughton

Who: Open to the public, free

URL: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/2024-stoughton-juneteenth-tickets-890398013427?aff=ebdsoporgprofile



What: 4th Annual Cultural Fair and Juneteenth Celebration: vendors, dance, music, food

When: 22 June, 2-6 pm

Where: Memorial Park, Somerset Ave, Taunton

Who: Open to the public, free, family friendly

URL: https://allevents.in/taunton/tdn-4th-annual-cultural-fair-and-juneteenth-celebration/200026336189125



What: First Juneteenth Freedom Day Flag Raising & Celebration

When 19 June, 9-11 am

Where: Flag raising at Town Common [Main St] followed by reception at Westford Museum [2 Boston Rd, Westford]

Who: Open to the public, free

URL: https://allevents.in/westford/westfords-first-juneteenth-flag-raising-and-celebration/10000




What: 2nd Annual Juneteenth  Freedom Day  Celebration: music, food, performers

When: 19 June, 12-5 pm

Where: Weston Park (next to Tufts Library), 46 Broad St, Weymouth

Who: Open to the public, free, family friendly

URL: https://happeningnext.com/event/second-annual-juneteenth-celebration-eid3a0bcu5ajv



What: Juneteenth Celebration

When: 15 June, 12-5 pm; PanNeubean Steel concert, 2:30-3:30

Where: Woburn Public Library, 45 Pleasant St, Woburn

Who: Open to the public

URL: https://www.facebook.com/events/3593012124359428/



What: Juneteenth Flag Raising

When: 14 June, 5 pm

Where: Worcester City Hall, 455 Main St, Worcester

Who: All are welcome

URL: https://www.blackheritagejuneteenthworcester.com/this-years-festival



What: 2024 Black Heritage Juneteenth Festival

When: 15 June 12-8 pm; rain date 29 June

Where: Institute Park, Worcester

Who: All are welcome

URL: https://www.blackheritagejuneteenthworcester.com/this-years-festival



Pride Month Events



What:  Acton-Westford Pride Festival 2024: family activities, live music; food, crafts, vendors

When:  15 June, 12-3 pm

Where: NARA Park, 71 Quarry Rd, Acton

Who: Open to the public, free

URL: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/acton-westford-pride-festival-2024-tickets-876798898107



What: LGBTQIA + Arlington Pride Crosswalk Painting: painting crosswalks with rainbows

When & Where: 2 June, 7:30-9:30 in Arlington Center, intersection of Mystic Ave and Mass Ave; 6 June, 7:30-9:30 in Arlington Heights, intersection of Park Ave and Mass Ave; 10 June, 7:30-9:30 in East Arlington, intersection of Lake St and Mass Ave

Who: Volunteers

URL: https://rainbowarlington.org/2024/05/15/lgbtqia-pride-in-arlington-2024/



What: LGBTQIA+ Arlington Pride: social activities, Community Partner tables, rock painting 

When: 22 June, 12-3 pm, rain or shine 

Where: Town Hall Gardens, Town Hall if rain, 730 Mass Ave, Arlington

URL: https://rainbowarlington.org/2024/05/15/lgbtqia-pride-in-arlington-2024/



What: Bellingham PrideFest: vendors, arts, crafts, food, activities and more

When: 29 June, 10 am-2 pm

Where: Town Common

Who: Open to the public, free, family friendly

URL: https://www.bellinghambulletin.com/2024/04/26/489191/bellingham-pridefest-slated-for-june-29th



What: Belmont Pride Parade and Celebration

When:  15 June, parade starts t 1 pm

Who: Open to the public, free, parade route is short, relatively flat and accommodating to all, starts at Belmont Town Green, 404 Concord Ave and goes to Belmont Center

URL: https://www.belmontlgbtq.com/news-and-events/p15kt2y2oj9l9o3f3kveev2b2cdip9



What: BIPOQ Pride Frolic in the Park

When:  1 June, 12-4 pm

Who: Open to the public, free

URL: https://www.instagram.com/wearefrolic/p/C6hNYF_PNPm/



What: Boston Pride for the People Parade

When: 8 June, parade starts t 11 am

Where:  parade starts on Boyleston St  in Copley Square and ends in Boston Common

Who: Open to the public, free

URL:  https://www.bostonprideforthepeople.org/



What: Boston Pride for the People Festival: all-day music and entertainment

When: 8 June, after parade

Where: Boston Common

Who: Open to the public, free

URL: https://www.bostonprideforthepeople.org/



What: Cape Ann Pride Family Picnic: stories, art, music,

When: 2 June, 1-3 pm

Where: Cape Ann Museum, 13 Poplar St, Gloucester

Who: Open to the public, free, free lunch, family friendly registration is required

URL: https://www.capeannpride.org/events/pride-family-picnic

For additional events, please visit https://www.capeannpride.org/events



What: Franklin County Pride Parade and Festival

When: 15 June, parade starts t 12 pm 

Where: parade starts at Federal Street & Sanderson Street, festival follows in Energy Park and along Miles St

Who: Open to the public, free

URL: https://www.franklincountypride.org/parade



What: Greater Lowell Pride Parade and Festival 2024: entertainment, vendors, youth area

When: 15 June, 12-4 pm

Where: Flag raising 12 pm at City Hall, parade starts 12:30 pm at City Hall, Merrimack St; Pride Festival 1-4 pm in Boarding House Park, 40 French St, Lowell

Who: Open to the public, free

URL: https://www.greaterlowellhealthalliance.org/greater-lowell-pride-2024/



What: United Lynn Youth Pride celebration: performances, food, activities, resource tables

When: 1 June, 12-3 pm

Where: Frederick Douglas Memorial Park and Lynn Museum, 1-15 Exchange St, Lynn

Who: Lynn youth, free

URL: https://www.unitedlynnpride.com/pride2024



What: Through a Rainbow Lens Museum Exhibit Opening: A Reflection of Lynn’s LGBTQ+ History

When: 5 June, reception 5:30, panel discussion 6:30

Where:  Lynn Museum, 590 Washington St, Lynn

Who: Open to the public, free

URL: https://lynnmuseum.org/events/exhibition-opening-through-a-rainbow-lens-a-reflection-on-lynns-lgbtq-history/



What: Walking Tour of LGBTQ+ Downtown Lynn (1/2 mile)

When: 12 June, 5-6 pm

Where: Lucille’s Wine Shop, 776 Washington St, Lynn

Who: Open to the public, registration preferred

URL: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/walking-tour-of-lgbtq-downtown-lynn-tickets-894432651137



What: Manchester-by-the-Sea Pride Flag Raising

When: 1 June, 9-10 am

Where: Manchester-by-the-Sea Town Hall, 10 Central St, Manchester-by-the-Sea

URL: https://www.capeannpride.org/events/pride-flag-raising-manchester-by-the-sea

For additional Pride events, visit https://www.capeannpride.org/events.



What: Oak Bluffs Pride Parade and festivities

When: 8 June, 3 pm, parade starts at the Island Queen and ends at Ocean Park

Who: Open to the public, free

URL: https://www.obamv.com/pride-lgbtq-weekend-in-ob



What: Pride Southcoast: music, food, crafts, games, community resources and more

When:  1 June, 12-5 pm

Where: Buttonwood Park, New Bedford

Who: Open to the public, free, family friendly

URL: https://www.sclgbtqnetwork.org/pride-2024.html



What: North Brookfield Small Town Pride Parade & Celebration

When:  29 June, 12-6 pm

Where: North Brookfield Town Common

Who: Open to the public, free



What: Berkshire Pride City of Pittsfield Pride Flag Raising

When: 1 June, 12 pm

Where: City Hall, Allen St, Pittsfield

Who: Open to the public, free

URL: https://www.berkshirepride.org/



What: Berkshire Pride Parade and Festival

When: 8 June, festivities begin 11 am

Where: parade proceeds from Eagle St to The Common Park, First St, Pittsfield

Who: Open to the public, free

URL: https://www.berkshirepride.org/

(Check website for more events during Berkshire Pride Week, 1-9 June.)



What: Plymouth Pride marchers participate in Boston Pride Parade, free T-shirt upon arrival

When: 8 June, arrive by 10 am

Where: Check website for update on meet-up location

Who: Open to the public, free

URL: https://www.plymouthprideinc.com/events



What: Plymouth Pride Kite Day: kite flying, beach access, picnic area, playground

When: 23 June, 10 am

Where: Nelson Park, 235 Water St, Plymouth

Who: Open to the public, free, family friendly

URL: https://www.plymouthprideinc.com/events



What: Plymouth Pride Festival: music, entertainment, performances, vendors and more

When: 30 June, 11 am-5 pm

Where: Nelson Park, 235 Water St, Plymouth

Who: Open to the public, free

URL:  https://www.plymouthprideinc.com/events



What: North Shore Pride Parade and Festival

When: 22 June, 11-4 pm

Where: Parade starts 12 pm, Shetland Park, 27 Congress St; festival after parade at Salem Common, No. Washington Square, Salem

URL: https://northshorepride.org/parade-festival/



What: Salem Pride in the Park 2024

When: 21 September

URL: www.salemcapitalpride.org/pride

Check website for updates.



What: Springfield Pride Parade: speakers, vendors, resources along parade route

When: 1 June, starts 12:00 pm

Where: starts on Maple St in downtown Springfield

Who: Open to the public, free

URL: https://truequeer.com/event/springfield-pride-ma-2024-ma/



What: 4th Annual Stoughton Pride: music, food, performances, yard games and more

When: 9 June, 12:30-4:30

Where: First Parish of Stoughton lawn, 790 Washington St, Stoughton

Who: Open to the public, free,

URL: https://www.stoughtondiversity.org/events/stoughton-pride-1



What: Southcoast Pride 2024: music, food, crafts, games, community resources and more

When: 8 June, 12-5 pm

Where: Hopewell Park, Taunton

Who: Open to the public, free

URL:  https://www.sclgbtqnetwork.org/pride-2024.html



What: Tri-Town Pride Parade (Topsfield, Boxford, Middleton): entertainment, food, resources

When: 2 June, parade starts 1 pm

Where: parade through downtown Topsfield, followed by community celebration, Town Common

Who: Open to the public

URL: https://northshorepride.org/event/3975/



What: Weymouth Pride in the Park

When: 9 June, 1-4 pm

Where: King Oak Hill Park, Weymouth

Who: Open to the public, free, family friendly

URL: https://www.facebook.com/events/1133687541381924/



What: Pridefest 2024 (student organized): entertainment, crafts, education, vendors
When: 4 June, 4:30-6:30 pm, rain date 6 June
Where: Winchester Town Common
Who: Open to the public, free, family friendly
URL: https://towncommon.org/event/pridefest-2024-0


What: Pride Worcester Festival: crafts, speakers, food, performances and more

When: September 7, 3-8 pm

Where: Downtown Worcester

Who: Open to the public, free

URL: https://www.prideworcester.org/festival