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Domestic Violence bills co-sponsorship drive

The League has a long history of supporting domestic violence-related legislation. It is important that legislators hear from constituents across the Commonwealth. Please contact your representatives and senators to voice your support and ask them to cosponsor these three  bills. 

H1547/S1077 An Act improving protections relative to domestic violence updates the definition of domestic violence to include Coercive Control: psychological, emotional, financial, and technological abuse.

H.1399/S.1079 An Act relative to controlling and abusive litigation restricts the use of the legal system by abusers to harass or threaten victims of domestic violence by dragging them to court repeatedly to drain their resources and make them lose their jobs, homes, savings and sometimes their children by giving judges tools to limit abusive litigation.

H1491/S1138 An Act to improve the administration of justice in probate and family court adds 8 judges to the family court system.

  1. Check to see if your legislators have already signed on as a cosponsor. Don’t know who they are? Find them here.
  2. Type the bill number into, and click on the “Petitioners” tab.
  3. If they are listed, thank them.
  4. If they aren’t listed as a co-sponsor, call or email them by personalizing this script: Hi, my name is (insert full name) and I am calling to request that Representative __________ and/or Senator ______________ sign on as an official co-sponsor of (insert bill numbers and complete bill title). Include information as to why this bill is important to you. Thank you. Be sure to include your complete name and address as their constituent.

Questions? Submit them to