Director| | Local League: Lexington

Donna Hooper is a recent member of the Lexington League and is newly retired from a 20-year career in municipal government (with an earlier career in state government).  Prior to her most recent 2 years as Lexington’s Chief Information Officer, Donna served for over 18 years as Lexington’s Town Clerk.

Her Town Clerk responsibilities included serving as Chief Election Official, member of the Board of Registrars,  and member and Clerk to Lexington’s Representative Town Meeting.  During her career she served for a number of years as a member of the Executive Board of the Massachusetts Town Clerk’s Association, culminating in a 2-year position as President of the MTCA. Her responsibilities included active involvement in legislative initiatives  and a variety of voter registration advisory roles.

Donna holds a BS in Education from Framingham State University and a MPA from Western New England University.  She is an active volunteer at the local level, currently serving as an appointed member to Lexington’s Historic Districts Commission and a Board Member of the Lexington Historical Society.