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Earth Day is Everyday: Pledge to Act

In light of the serious and growing consequences of climate change, consequences we are all experiencing in the present, we need to recognize that every day is Earth Day. The combination of strong environmental policy, with environmental justice at its core, combined with individual action is needed more than ever. 

The Massachusetts Legislature is currently working on another blockbuster omnibus climate bill; more details will be available later in the month and early June. We will keep you posted on the bills and bill elements that need to be a part of the final legislation: promoting clean renewable energy sources like wind and solar, grid modernization, streamlining permitting and siting processes, phasing out fossil gas, reforming MassSave to better incentivize electrification efforts at the residential level, updating the bottle bill and more. Meaningful political action is powered by informed citizen engagement. Stay engaged; be a part of the change that needs to happen. 

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