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Election Protection Needs Volunteers

LWVMA is working with partners ACLU Massachusetts, Common Cause, and the Urban League in an election protection effort spearheaded by Lawyers for Civil Rights.  There are opportunities to help with the November 8 general election, including monitoring polls which have historically had problems on Election Day, working in the hotline call center on Election Day (for lawyers), and working from home leading up to the election to identify misinformation on social media sites. 

To start, go here and sign up Election Protection | Stop Voter Suppression & Protect the Vote! See also the FAQs on this website for more information.  Once you sign up, you will receive emails with information on training sessions for phonebanks to inform voters who might be affected by new voting restrictions; and training sessions on monitoring social media for voting disinformation and, as voting starts, identifying voters posting about problems voting, and connecting them to resources and support. You will also receive information on training to work on Election Day itself, and, closer to the election, a list of the polling locations we will be monitoring.  Filling out the form does not commit you to any specific action or any action at all; it just puts you on the list for information.

Lawyers can volunteer separately to answer phones on Election Day when voters call in with problems.  That effort is run by Lawyers for Civil Rights.  Please sign up here to use your legal expertise to help voters.  

On Election Day, election protection volunteers will monitor polls in Massachusetts where there have historically been problems.  We recruit and train volunteer poll monitors who do not enter the polling place, except in limited circumstances.  Volunteers will have shirts or buttons identifying them as election protection workers. As a nonpartisan poll monitor, you will stand (or be in a car) outside of the polling places, reporting any problems you see and helping ensure voters know their rights, and report any issues that arise at the polling places.  You will receive the necessary training before the election.  You will also be notified which polling locations will be monitored so you can volunteer at a location convenient for you.  We suggest you vote before Election Day, by mail or early voting, so you are available to help on Election Day.