Elizabeth Foster-Nolan

Director| efosternolan@lwvma.org | Member-at-Large

Elizabeth joined the Weymouth LWV in 2010 and became a Member-at-Large when Weymouth disbanded.  She trained as a moderator for local and Congressional candidate nights because of her interest in providing clear unbiased information for voters.  Elizabeth believes an informed voter will be an active participant in government and is a key to transparency and increased voter participation.  She is interested in increasing voter education, registration and active participation among all eligible voters on an on-going basis and not just during elections.  She has done phone-a-thon training for the LWVMA.  Elizabeth, a Massachusetts native, is a “recovering attorney.”  She received her JD in 1990 from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh after practicing social work in community based programs in Massachusetts.  She practiced tax and employee benefits law in Pittsburgh, Seattle and Boston before combining her legal and social work skills to become the Director of Professional Development for a Boston law firm.  She provided career development advice for attorneys and developed a training curriculum for the firm’s practice areas.  She was actively involved in mentoring and coaching associates and was a committed member of the firm’s diversity committee.  Elizabeth remains an active member in the legal professional development community.