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Elizabeth Foster-Nolan

President | Member-at-Large

Elizabeth Foster-Nolan is served one year as a LWVMA Director and is now serving a co-president. She joined the Weymouth LWV in 2010 and became a Member-at-Large when Weymouth disbanded. She is an experienced moderator for local and Congressional candidate nights and this past year, she chaired the LWVMA Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee, was a member of the Voter Engagement Committee, and chaired the Moderator Training and Mentoring Sub-Committee. A social worker for many years, Elizabeth earned her JD in 1990 from Duquesne University School of Law in Pittsburgh, PA. She combined her legal and social work skills to become the Director of Professional Development for a 200 member Boston law firm where she mentored and coached associates and developed training curriculums for the firm’s 11 practice areas. She was elected to a national committee tasked with creating a competency model for Professional Development Specialists and was also a member of her firm’s Diversity Equity and Inclusion committee.