Although we are expecting significant new legislation to pass this session, and the Biden administration has made dealing with climate change a major focus, there is much work to be done, and LWVMA members can make a difference. Public education and outreach are key to advancing policies, and no one does education and outreach better than the League!

A Steering Committee to support action and advocacy on the environment is being formed.  The committee of 10-12 leaders from across the state will work together to connect and guide Leagues within their regions to advance LWV action and advocacy on critical energy and environmental issues.  Contact Launa Zimmaro or Karen Price if you would like to be a part of this important effort.

Role of EAAC Members

  • Develop a statewide League action plan
  • Receive periodic updates from the EAAC Chair on the current status of statewide initiatives
  • Inform the EAAC of local or regional issues (e.g. plastic bag ban, pipelines)
  • Be a regional resource and conduit for environmental action and advocacy
  • Develop regional programs with Leagues in your region


  • Monthly Zoom meetings of about one hour to keep members informed
  • Google Docs as a repository of information and teleconference notes

Leadership and Membership

  • Co-chaired by Launa Zimmaro and Karen Price
  • Membership open to any interested League member
  • Representation from all regions of the state
  • 10-12 total members (approximately)
  • More than one member per League is OK