Conversation about the importance of journalism in voter decision-making

Sponsored by The League of Women Voters of Central Berkshire County.

Join the LWV Central Berkshire County for a conversation about the importance of journalism in voter decision-making. Journalist and author, Lisa Napoli will lead the conversation. Formerly a writer with NPR and CNN, Napoli will be calling in from NY where she is now enrolled at CUNY in the Memoir & Biography Masters program.

“The Changing Tide of News: Effects on our democracy”

Clear, inclusive and truthful media coverage is crucial to voter decision-making. Lisa Napoli’s book examines the roles of the four “Founding Mothers” of National Public Radio. These women were the first in the early 70’s to offer women’s perspective and voice to journalism, not only in content, but also in approach. This quartet of radio and television news broke barriers covering “The Hill”, the Supreme Court, and anchoring public affairs broadcasting both on their own and alongside the men who had previously dominated the media. Each one grew to be leaders in the field.

Napoli was a guest of the  2021 Summer Lecture series at the Mount presenting her book, “susan, linda, nina and cokie: The Extraordinary Story of the Founding Mothers of NPR” (2021). This summer she offered a workshop on the art of Writing Memoir.

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