Attendees at convention broke into small focus groups Saturday morning to brainstorm ways to capture the enthusiasm of new members and what changes we might think are needed to adapt to the world today.  Below are the questions the focus groups considered.  The responses are being compiled into a report for the board to consider at its June retreat and which will be available to all members.  We encourage local Leagues to hold their own focus groups to discuss these questions and to consider what your League might do differently and what you should keep.

  1. Many new members are joining the League to channel local grassroots activism.
  • What can the state and local Leagues do to capture the passion and enthusiasm of new members for activism?
  • What types of visibility/publicity and communications can the state League provide that would support local activism?
  • How do we create more opportunities for partnerships at the local level? Under what circumstances can we work with partisan organizations?
  1. The League is known for having a thoughtful and deliberate process for advocating only in areas where we have a position. In areas where we don’t have a position, we can educate on public issues as long as we present both sides. Sometimes that may get in the way of our ability to respond to emerging events and questions.
  • How do we reconcile League process with rapid response to issues and events? “League process” is to study an issue, come to consensus, develop a position, and then take action.
  • What are the sticking points in League process?
  • What aspects of our process should be maintained no matter what?  
  1. The League must adapt to remain relevant as the world around us changes.
  • What does the League need to change to make it easier for new and younger members to participate? What should be changed and what must be retained?
  • Are there functions that your local League does that would be better handled at the state or national level? What should remain at the local League level?
  • How will current local League members react to changes in League structure or roles?