Get Ready for the Next LWVMA Study!

The LWVMA study of the ballot question process in Massachusetts will be ready for local League and member-at-large consensus meetings starting Dec. 1, 2018, until Jan. 31, 2019.

Since its appointment last August, the LWVMA study committee has completed the bulk of its research and is compiling the consensus questions and study guide. In addition to getting the advice and consent of the LWVMA board, the study committee will pilot the consensus questions with two or three local Leagues.

The final consensus questions, study guide, and related materials will be available to local Leagues and members this fall.

A study webpage has been launched! Eventually all the tools and materials will be posted there for your study committees and consensus meetings.

The committee will also develop a process to involve members-at-large (not affiliated with a unit) to participate in the study. Using webinar and video conferencing applications, the committee will reach out to members-at-large to fully participate.

For new members and new Leagues, or Leagues who are a little rusty on studies, the study committee will have training webinars on how to conduct the study. To get you started, we have posted the LWVUS/LWVMA Handbook for Successful Consensus Meetings.

If you have any questions about the study please email the committee.

Test your knowledge of ballot questions in Massachusetts

1. Massachusetts is one of ________ states that can create a law through a citizen-initiated process.

A.50   B.31  C.21   D.10

2. It takes _______ signatures to start the ballot question process, and over 65,000 to complete it.

A.5   B.10  C.20   D.100

3. A citizen-initiated process has successfully amended the Massachusetts constitution __________ times since 1919.

A.2   B. 5  C.11   D.15

To see the quiz answers, visit our new Ballot Question Study webpage.