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Help Combat Climate Change

Addressing climate change is an LWVMA action priority and a priority at the national level.  State and local Leagues are encouraged to help in this effort by getting involved with the Clean Power Plan to limit greenhouse gas emissions from power plants.  Find out how your League and your members can become involved in this critical effort to save our planet in Massachusetts and nationally.

In 2009, the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) determined that carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases constitute a threat to the public health and welfare. This “endangerment finding” paved the way for EPA action to regulate these emissions.

One of the most significant actions taken by the EPA to combat climate change is the development of the Clean Power Plan released Aug. 3. This final set of rules regulates greenhouse gas emissions from existing as well as new, modified, or reconstructed fossil fuel-fired power plants. When fully implemented, the Clean Power Plan is expected to cut carbon pollution from the power sector 32% below 2015 levels by 2030, accelerating the shift to clean, renewable energy and avoiding thousands of illnesses and premature deaths related to industry pollutants.

The League has been at the forefront of the environmental protection movement for decades and views climate change as one of the most serious threats facing our nation and the planet. State and local Leagues across the country can play a vital role in supporting implementation of the Clean Power Plan. Find out more about the Clean Power Plan and how you and your state and local League can support and promote compliance within Massachusetts by going to the LWVUS Climate Action Toolkit site.

Sign onto the new Climate Change Google Group today to find out what members are doing in Leagues across the country to support the Clean Power Plan. Please note that you need a Google account to participate. Go here to set up an account if you don’t already have one.