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It’s Time to Take Action! Stand and Be Counted.

After a polarizing election marked by divisive rhetoric, disaffection, and scandal, it is time for us, as a country and a democracy, to move forward.  At this critical juncture, so much of the work ahead depends on all of us, not just our elected officials.  

As a League, we recommit ourselves to the principles and priorities that define our organization. And, in the coming months, the League of Women Voters of Massachusetts will be working hard to address critical issues here in the Commonwealth, regardless of what happens in Washington.

We affirm our principles…
  • Ensuring that elections are free, fair, and accessible
  • Monitoring government and holding elected officials accountable
  • Protecting the environment and addressing climate change
  • Rejecting intolerance and defending individual rights
We are taking action NOW…
  • Pushing Beacon Hill to expand voting rights by enacting automatic voter registration and Election Day registration, changing the registration deadline, and extending early voting
  • Advocating for campaign finance reform, including limits on ballot question contributions
  • Pressuring elected officials to take action to address climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and pollution, and through an accelerated transition to clean, renewable energy
  • Lobbying for strong reforms of the criminal justice system, including eliminating mandatory minimum sentences and increasing felony larceny thresholds
  • Blocking any efforts to weaken Massachusetts’ health insurance system or threaten women’s reproductive rights
  • Supporting efforts to reduce gun violence
What can you do?
  • If you are not a League member:  Join the League and become a grassroots activist!  We are a membership organization that influences public policy and brings change to Massachusetts through the work of individuals like you. You can join through a local League or as a Member at Large.  If there is no League presence in your community and you are interested in forming a local League, please contact us.
  • If you are already a League member:  Introduce a friend to the League — the more voices we have, the louder our message!
  • Continue to work on issues of public importance in your communities.
  • Meet with your state legislators to express your concerns and interests for the new legislative session in such areas as voting rights, climate change, and criminal justice reform.
  • Join our Legislative Action Committee and help advocate for our priorities on Beacon Hill.
  • Pre-register 16- and 17-year-olds to vote.
  • Register new citizens to vote at naturalization ceremonies.
  • Actively speak out as a League and as individuals — write letters to the editor, op-eds, social media posts — to protest any incidents of intolerance or incivility in your community.
  • Support our work by donating now.