Co-president | | Local League: Northampton

Jean Cherdack was first elected to the LWVMA board and as a trustee of the League of Women Voters Lotte E. Scharfman Memorial Fund in 2013.  Jean has served as co-chair of Membership and Local League Services (MLLS), chair of the Citizen Education Local League Grant Committee, and as a member of the Nominating and Budget Committees. While serving on the MLLS, Jean chaired a study on demographics to be used to help local Leagues attract members from different demographic groups.

Jean has a B.A. in History and did graduate work in Judaic-Christian studies.  She has been a League member for over 30 years, serving two terms as president of the Glen Rock, New Jersey LWV, and has served as secretary of the Northampton Area LWV.  She is on the Ashfield Planning Board and volunteers with “It Takes A Village,” a grassroots organization that helps new moms enjoy those first three months of motherhood.