Director | Local League: Andover/North Andover

Jen Goldman started her path in charity and non-profit work early on and was awarded the Good Citizenship Award in elementary school, the Humanitarian award in middle school, and President of Varsity Club and Honors Society in high school. She graduated with honors, went onto college to graduate early while working to help those less fortunate gain financial freedom. Jen obtained her Financial Planning degree while working full time and volunteering at the Brighton YMCA and 5 Years at Brighton’s Homeless Pantry. She then started her own transformation consulting business, created the largest free online directory of USA-based resources for service businesses, and provided pro bono consulting to non-profits until a family situation paused her charitable efforts. In 2016, Jen was appointed to North Andover’s Finance Committee and then joined LWV North Andover to boost high school voter registration, marketing, and funding of a sign campaign to increase voting. In 2019, Jen left the Finance Committee to pursue her passion in public school improvement advocacy and getting out the vote. She currently manages a non-partisan 2,000+ member Facebook page focused on education and long-term public school improvements. She lives in North Andover with two healthy teenagers and one understanding husband.