Director| | Local League: Needham

Karen Price has served as President of the League of Women Voters of Needham for the past five years. During that time the Needham League, thanks to the efforts of a great board and engaged members, expanded its membership, formed a 501c(3) education fund, and enhanced its visibility and programs.  Highlights of the past two years included the 75th Anniversary Celebration in November 2015 and NeedhamVOTES 2016.

At the state level, Karen has served on past LWVMA boards as Second and First Vice President. She is currently serving LWVMA as Field Service Director, Legislative Specialist for Immigration, co-chair of the LWVMA Environmental Action and Advocacy Steering Committee, and is on the Membership Steering Committee.

Karen believes strong, visible, and growing local Leagues lead to strong state and national Leagues.