Director| | Local League: Marion-Mattapoisett-Rochester

Kris has been a member of Marion-Mattapoisett-Rochester League of Women Voters since 2006.  During that time she served on the Educational Grants Committee, was Programing Chair, and Voter Services Chair for Mattapoisett, responsible for organizing Candidates’ Nights and Voter Registration.  Since 2011 she has shared the job as Facilitator of the Chapter and has been the MMR representative to the LWVMA-South Shore, South Coast, Cape Cod, and Martha’s Vineyard FS meetings.

In an effort to promote and increase the teaching and learning of Civics in the Old Rochester School District (Marion-Mattapoisett-Rochester) Kris suggested that all LWV-MMR educational grants must have a Civics component.  During the last several years, Kris has reached out to District teachers and administrators to promote and award nearly $10,000 in Civics grants.

Kris earned her BA in Psychology, with a minor in Education and an MA in Critical and Creative Thinking from the University of Massachusetts/Boston.

Kris retired in 2011 after working in Massachusetts Schools for 35 years, teaching Grades 2 through college.  During her time as an educator, Kris worked as a classroom teacher in Provincetown, a Math Lead teacher in Chelsea (BU/Chelsea Partnership), a Math Support Specialist and a Math Department Head in Fall River, and as Head Academic Coach in New Bedford.  Kris taught in the Continuing Education Programs at UMass/Boston and Lesley University where she was Adjunct Faculty.  In 2008 “External and Internal Characteristics of Learning Environment” co-authored by Kris and Dr. Suzanne Chapin of BU was published.

Kris has lived in Mattapoisett with her husband and several cats since 2001.  She enjoys being by and on the ocean and riding her horse.