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Annual Susan B. Anthony Celebration

“Climate Change: The Most Important Puzzle for the 21st Century”
Speaker:  Dr. Alice Bradley, Williams College Geosciences Department

Thursday, February 17, 2022  Click here to view the recording.

For your enjoyment please try this Climate Change Vocabulary Crossword puzzle

Susan B. Anthony Virtual Dinner 2021

Click here for the dinner menu and recipes.

Voter Registration 2020

Registering voters, suitably protected, September 2020








July 4th, 2019 Parade

Marching as suffragists on July 4, 2019.








Annual Meeting 2019

Preparing for July 4th at the Annual Meeting, 2019
Annual Meeting, 2019










Four Freedoms Coalition March and Rally, January 7, 2017

Close to 2,000 Berkshire County residents marched and attended the rally to promote the Four Freedoms: Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom from want, and freedom from fear.  Senator Ed Markey was one of the featured speakers.

Literature available to attendees
LWV Williamstown members, Margo Bowden and Cindy Kaplan
LWVW Members, Anne Skinner and Cindy Kaplan, with MA Sen. Ed Markey








Annual Holiday Walk Saturday, December 3, 2016

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jeannewalk   walktable

Williamstown 4th of July Parade 2016

LWVGroupClip (2)
LWV Williamstown marched in their town parade on July 4th! Rep. Gail Cariddi also joined the group. The theme this year was anti-gridlock plea to hold hearings and stop voter suppression.





Annual Meeting, 2016

annual mtg 1
LWVW Treasurer, Jennifer Howlett, presents the budget
annual mtg 2
Margot Bowden discusses membership activities

annual mtg 3 annual mtg 4










May 18, 2016 Voter Registration Drive at Mount Greylock Regional High School

voter reg 1 voter reg 2

May 17, 2016 Town Meeting in Williamstown

Debra Turnbull

Anne Skinner with the recipient of the 2016 Town Employee Award, Debra Turnbull, Administrative Assistant to the Town Manager. Photo taken by Harry Montgomery.





Voter Registration Drive at Berkshire Community College

The Williamstown League hosted its first Voter Registration Drive at Berkshire Community College in Pittsfield, MA, on September 17, 2015. New Voters were registered from 4 cities/towns by Williamstown volunteers and our MassPIRG partners.




Annual Meeting 2015

June 13th in the Harper’s Center in Williamstown

Voter Registration at Mt. Greylock Regional School in Williamstown

LWV Williamstown helped register over 30 new voters at Mt. Greylock Regional School.

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Annual Susan B. Anthony Dinner, Tuesday, February 24

Becky ShannonBecky Shannon presented on money in politics on Tuesday, February 24th at the Williams Inn in Williamstown.

Click here for a link to the recording of the presentation.

LWV Williamstown “Economics of Education” January 28, 2015

Williams College economics professor Steve Sheppard (left) gave a presentation and led a discussion on the topic. Margo Bowden (right) hosted.










Candidates Forum October 21, 2014

L-R, Wendy Penner, State Rep Gail Cariddi (moderator), Steve Miller, and Carrie Green
L-R, Wendy Penner, State Rep Gail Cariddi (moderator), Steve Miller, and Carrie Green

Forum for open seats on the Mount Greylock Regional High School committee.

Click here for a video presentation of the forum.







Fall Meeting and Potluck

LWV Williamstown kicked off the year with a potluck featuring discussion of the state ballot questions and other local issues.

LWVTalkClip (2)LWVGroupClip (2)












Candidates’ Night for Williamstown Board of Selectmen

The forum began with the candidates introducing themselves, followed by a Q&A of previously submitted and audience questions.  In the photo below Anne Skinner, LWV Williamstown President, moderates the forum with the four candidates running for two seats.

Anne Skinner and Candidates
Anne Skinner and Candidates

Annual Susan B. Anthony Dinner
Celebrating the work of this pioneer in getting votes for women

Rhode Island Lt. Governor Elizabeth Roberts
Rhode Island Lt. Governor Elizabeth Roberts

Wednesday, February 19, at 6 PM at the Williams Inn in Williamstown

Guest speaker Lt. Governor of Rhode Island Elizabeth Roberts spoke about the
“The Affordable Care Act: What we have, and have not, learned from Massachusetts.”

Lt. Gov. Roberts, now in her second term in office, is the first woman to serve in that position in RI. She holds an MBA in health care management from Boston University, and she has made health care the center of her political work, starting with her time in the RI Senate. She is concerned both with affordability and accountability and was proactive in preparing her state for the Affordable Care Act. She currently chairs a state committee of both purveyors and stakeholders, so she has insights into every aspect of this hot topic.



Current Issues

The LWV recognizes that both open space and affordable housing are important aspects of community life.  The Williamstown LWV feels, however, that given the devastation of Hurricane Irene and the immediate human crisis for former residents of the Spruces, our town would be best served by development of a portion of the Lowry property – originally intended for a new high school — for housing.

The Spruces current location would replace the open space of the Lowry property with land accessible to the entire town for open space recreation.  We look forward to hosting one or more discussions on this issue in the coming months.


LWV Williamstown Contacts


P. O. Box 392
Williamstown, MA 02167


Anne Skinner, President
Margo Bowden, Vice President
Jane Nicholls, Secretary
Jennifer Howlett, Treasurer