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League-Wide Membership Structure Changes

The implementation of the League-wide membership changes will take place at the end of January, 2025. Here are a few key pieces of information:

  • It is business as usual, up to and including the month of January, 2025, with regard to your League’s process for folks who are joining for the first time and for renewing memberships.
  • Ensure that each member’s expiration date (in the LWVUS Salesforce Database) is accurate, so that when the new system is in place, each member will receive a renewal notice at the appropriate time (re: roughly one year later).
  • The timing of the per member payment (PMP) invoices from LWVMA and LWVUS will remain the same. So, invoices for FY2024-2025 will be mailed out from LWVMA in July, 2024 and from LWVUS in August, 2024. Invoices for FY2025-2026 will be mailed out from LWVMA in July, 2025 and from LWVUS in August, 2025. The PMP invoices mailed out in July and August, 2025 will be the final invoices under the current PMP system.

LWVUS issued this lengthy budgeting document – here are the key points:

  • The method for projecting dues revenue should be unchanged up to and including January 2025.
  • If all your members renew on the same date annually before February 1, 2025, budgeting for dues should be done the same way you have always done it.
  •  If all your members renew on the same date annually after February 1, 2025 it is recommended that you budget to receive 20% of the amount of dues you typically receive. (This is the percentage local leagues will receive under the new system.) 
  • If your members renew on a rolling basis you should budget based on prior year numbers taking into consideration the number of members who renew prior to February 1, 2025 (same revenue calculation as prior years) and those who renew after February 1, 2025 (20% of dues for revenue). 
  •  For February-June 2025 you should budget 20% of the amount you typically receive in these months.
  • You will need to take into consideration that you will only be paying 20% of any credit card fees for dues. Checks will still be accepted.

LWVMA will host another Town Hall in September on the changes to the membership system. Please stay tuned for the date.

For the complete information from LWVUS, please visit the League Management site HERE.