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State League Units

State League Units are comprised of League members who live outside the area of and are not enrolled in a recognized local League (“members-at-large”). When members-at-large in a given geographical area want to work together, they may request recognition as a Unit of the state League. These Units give a group of members-at-large an opportunity to participate in League activities even though there is no local League in the area.

Units operate under the direction and guidance of the state League, which handles various administrative and financial duties for the members of the Unit. Typically the responsibility for engaging, supporting, and monitoring these Units is assigned to a person designated by the state Board. This state advisor represents the state League, acts as the link between the Unit and the state board, and supports and assists the Unit in whatever it undertakes, to keep up the interest of the members and to guide and counsel its leaders.

In 2017, the LWVMA Board recognized four State League Units in Massachusetts:  Central Berkshire County, Framingham, Franklin County, and Greater Lowell.  In 2018, Franklin County was recognized as a local League, and in 2019 Framingham and Salem were recognized as local Leagues. In 2020 Central Berkshire County was recognized as a local League.

League Units in Massachusetts

Greater Lowell

Interested in starting a state League Unit? Contact Brynne Gorman, Membership and Community Engagement Manger.