2023-2024 Legislative Action Committee

To reach members of the Legislative Action Committee, please email specialists@lwvma.org.
Interested in becoming a Specialist on the Legislative Action Committee? Click here for a job description.

Legislative Action Chair: Jen Muroff

Affordable Housing: Lori Stewart, Lucy Kennedy

Basic Human Needs: Clare Gordon

Children and Family Issues: Palma McLaughlin

Criminal Legal System: Nancy Bettinger, Leslie Nelken

Education (K-12):

Elder Affairs: Pat Costello

Elections and Voting: Nancy Brumback, Nell Forgacs

Environment:  Climate Change and Energy: Launa Zimmaro

Environment: Natural Resources: Carolyn Lee

Fiscal Policy: June Michaels

Good Governance: Carolyn Lee

Gun Violence Prevention: Sue McCalley

Healthcare: Ellen Church, Andrea Bresnahan

Immigration: Amy Cooper

Racial Justice: Felina Silver

Transportation: Franny Osman, Lois Levin

Women’s Issues: Jan Soma

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