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Legislative Action Committee (LAC) in Action

LWVMA’s priority legislation is on the move as we head towards the finish line of the formal legislative session on July 31. What is the Legislative Action Committee doing right now to advance our priority bills?

We are…

  • Cheering on conference committees for wage equity, firearms, and preventing abuse and exploitation, including coercive control. Three members from each chamber are meeting to iron out differences between versions of the bills. We urge the conferees to report out quickly. Each chamber must vote up or down on the final bill before it reaches Governor Healey’s desk.
  • Applauding Senate passage of the Healthy Youth Act, Common Start, and increased access to disposable menstrual products for all. We now urge the House to take quick action on these critical bills. Missed our Healthy Youth Act Action Alert? There’s still time to urge your representatives to call for a floor vote to ensure students receive medically accurate sex ed.
  • Ensuring firearms are banned from polling stations. Missed our firearms Action Alert? There’s still time to contact your legislators and ask them to urge the conference committee to ensure  safety at polling stations.
  • Asking lawmakers to reject Governor Healey’s request in the municipal bond bill so that public meetings remain public virtually or hybrid. Missed our hybrid meeting Action Alert? There’s still time to urge lawmakers to act to make public meetings more accessible. And see the Boston Globe editorial: Maura Healey’s hybrid-meeting proposal doesn’t go far enough (
  • Requesting the Affordable Homes Act and the FY’25 budgets include money for a statewide access to counsel program.
  • Signing coalition letters to committee chairs to support electrification of public transportation as well as to remove subsidies for woody biomass energy in proposed climate legislation.
  • Lobbying with coalition partners including Election Modernization Coalition, Jane Doe Inc., MA Coalition for the Homeless, and MA Public Health Association.  

Questions about legislation or actions you can take? Email