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Legislature Enters the Home Stretch

The Massachusetts Legislature is entering its busiest three months, leading up to adjournment of the formal session on July 31. The bills that pass this session will do so between now and July 31.

That means that many of the bills the League supports will be coming up for a vote, often on short notice. We encourage you to keep an eye on your inbox for action alerts that will need your immediate attention. When you get one, please contact your Senator or Representative, as noted in the alert, with the specific request. You may know your legislator already supports a bill, but they need to hear from constituents anyway–to counteract opponents of legislation and to enable them to tell their colleagues that the bill is drawing a lot of constituent support. A quick email will do it, no matter how many times you’ve emailed on other bills.

Your active support greatly increases the League’s clout on Beacon Hill. Thank you!