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Governor Baker signs Transformative New Climate Bill into Law!

The Massachusetts House and Senate voted to pass significant new climate legislation for the second consecutive session. The new bill, H.5060An Act advancing offshore wind and clean energy, builds upon previous bills to greatly expand climate change related policies and regulations. Key features include significant increases in clean, renewable wind energy that will serve the Commonwealth and the region and programs to support workforce training. Growing clean energy development in general (e.g., solar, geothermal and fusion) will be supported by a larger role and staff for the MA Clean Energy Center. Strengthening the power grid for reliable energy transmission, increasing rebates for electric vehicles with additional rebates for qualifying low-income buyers, and providing the rebates at point of sale are all essential parts of this exciting new climate package.

H.5060 was signed by Governor Baker on August 11, 2022 and is now the law of the land and will help move us as quickly as possible into a clean energy future!