LWVMA #100Reasons Vlogs: Share Your Reason!

As part of LWVMA’s 100th Anniversary celebration, we are inviting Massachusetts League members to submit a short video—a “vlog” —that completes the following question:

“I joined the League of Women Voters because….”

These videos are meant to share one of your personal reasons for joining the League. We hope to hear from as many voices as possible! Throughout the year, we will roll them out on our website and social media outlets under the hashtag #100Reasons.

All vlogs must be submitted to 100Reasons@lwvma.org by December 15th.

Tips before you start recording:

  1. Please watch these examples so all videos are captured in a consistent manner: https://youtu.be/esWrhmMV2xU and https://youtu.be/o9h385WpVos
  2. Write down your 1-2 sentences on paper and practice a couple of times:

“I joined the League of Women Voters because pause…________________.”

  1. Put some energy into your voice with a smile.

Here’s how to participate:

Be aware that your lighting should allow for a clear picture.

  1. The videographer should sit across from the subject and hold his/her smartphone approximately 2 feet away from the subject. The phone/camera is in the vertical position
  2. The videographer should shoot the subject from the chest up. Count down (“3, 2, 1”) and start videoing on “1”. This gives a tiny bit of space before the subject starts speaking, which allows the subject to be prepared.
  3. Send your video to: 100Reasons@lwvma.org. 

Note: Some Leagues are using this project to record each of their member’s reasons for their League’s archives!

If you have any questions contact Meryl Kessler at mkessler@lwvma.org or Kate Boland at Kboland@LWVMA.org