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June 13 Council 2020 Recap

The League of Women Voters of Massachusetts conducted its 2020 Council on June 13 via Zoom. Over 150 members representing 32 local Leagues and Units attended the meeting.
One of the key events of Council was the election of Officers, Board, and Nominating Committee members, completing the LWVMA Board’s transition to staggered terms. At the 2019 LWVMA Convention the Bylaws were changed to move to this staggered term approach.
We would like to report on the election and introduce the slate of Officers and Board members and Nominating Committee members elected at Council.
Officers of LWVMA:
  • Elizabeth Foster-Nolan, a Member at Large, for the office of Co-President for a two-year term
  • Amy Smith, from LWV of Topsfield-Boxford-Middleton, for the office of 2nd Vice President, for a two-year term
  • Tanya Roy, from LWV Wellesley, for the office of Treasurer, for a two-year term
  • Courtney Rau Rogers, from LWV Norwood, for the office of Secretary, for a one-year term
Directors for a Two-Year Term:
  • Marie Gauthier from LWV Franklin County
  • Vedna Lacombe-Heywood from LWV Plymouth
  • Susan Millinger from LWV Amherst
  • Brenda Safford from LWV Worcester Area
Directors for a One-Year Term:
  • Jo-Ann Berry from LWV Acton Area
  • Karen Callanan, a Member at Large
  • Susan Flicop from LWV Wayland
For the Nominating Committee:
  • Sharon McCarthy, as chair from LWV Harvard
  • Sharyn Roberts from LWV Newton

We thank the Board members who have completed their terms: Mary Ann Ashton (Co-President), Lee Bona (Second Vice President), Andrea Kozinetz (Treasurer), Kate Boland, and Nancy Brumback. Their years of dedication and leadership have strengthened LWVMA. We appreciate their service.

Direction was provided to the new Board via the chat function in Zoom and is shown in the Council minutes . If you would like to provide direction (a specific program item, project, or about the management and goals of LWVMA), please send it to . The newly elected Board will review this direction and report back to the membership on the actions taken.

After the business meeting was adjourned, Ricardo Ramírez, from the Voting Rights and Election Center of the Brennan Center for Justice, was the keynote speaker on “Voting during a pandemic: What we need to do over the next 5 months and beyond.” You can review Mr. Ramírez’s presentation here.

On behalf of the LWVMA Board, we look forward to working with you over the next year to empower voters and defend democracy for all.